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Chris Carter, Class of 2011

Member of the Keystone Honors Academy.

 University of Pittsburgh, School of Law, Class of 2014

While at Cheyney, Chris was committed to community empowerment, and he became involved in addressing issues of voting rights for students on the Cheyney campus. He was instrumental in having a new polling place established within walking distance to campus, ultimately increasing voter turn-out in the district. Further, with aspirations to solidify students’ voting rights, he ran for Judge of Elections in Delaware County, winning the primary, but missing the final election by less than twenty votes. Chris ran an excellent campaign, and was a tremendous inspiration to the students on campus and to constituents across the county and region. Chris Carter’s academic accomplishments are commendable, and he maintained a solid cumulative grade point average, consistently earning him the stature of appearing on the Dean’s List. He served as the President of Student Government Cooperative Association, and with several other organizations on campus.


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