Master of Education in Elementary Education (M.Ed.)

The graduate studies elementary Education program serves a variety of educational needs: those of the potential teacher; the teacher seeking permanent certification, or a broader range of depth of competence in a special field; and those interested in continued professional growth or preparation for graduate study beyond the master’s degree level.

Liberal arts studies may be combined with professional courses to produce better elementary school teachers. With increased understanding of research methods, developmental processes, and social problems, an elementary school teacher is able to evaluate educational trends and issues and to assume leadership in a given school and in his or her profession.

Through a study of cognitive, affective and psycho-motor development, teachers are helped in the overall program to seek ways to enable children to develop positive self concepts.

Requirements for the M.Ed. Degree Program in Elementary Education:

  • Professional Core – 9 semester hours
  • Concentration – 18 semester hours
  • Electives – 6 semester hours
  • Thesis – 3 semester hours

Stress is placed on a teacher’s skill in developing approaches that work and the ability to explain why they work. With this objective, students’ awareness and understanding of current research regarding their professional concerns is checked regularly.