Summer Sessions at

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Summer session is the perfect time to get ahead of the class, improve your GPA, and graduate on time! 


Sample Course Offerings (for a detailed list, click on Course Offerings to the right)

* Languages * Business * Math * Marketing * Accounting * Science * Biology * Psychology * Health & Wellness * Music * Art * Law * Political Science * Hospitality * Recreation * Critical Thinking * Philosophy *

Accelerated Summer Semesters . . .

SUMMER I - Classes Begin May 26, 2015.  Summer I semester ends June 25, 2015.

SUMMER II - Classes Begin July 6, 2015.  Summer II semester ends August 6, 2015

Convienence . . .

The majority of undergraduate course offerings for the Summer I and Summer II semesters are being held in Cheyney University's Center City campus, located at 701 Market Street in Philadelphia.  Online courses are also available.

Current Students

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New or Incoming Students

Get an early start on your higher education career. Summer school allows you time to get ahead of your class and obtain credits to put you ahead of your peers.
In order to register for Summer School, you must follow the Admissions' undergraduate guidelines for applying to Cheyney University:

CLICK HERE - Undergraduate Application Guidelines

To apply to Cheyney University as an Undergraduate Student, Click on the Apply to Cheyney button below:

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Once you are an accepted Cheyney University student, you'll need to complete the enrollment process, which includes paying your acceptance deposit, submit necessary documentation, and pay your associated Registration fee. Once your Registration fee has been submitted, you will receive a username and password to use our online course registration system. 


For more information please contact your advisor or the Office of the Registrar at (610) 399-2225.

Course Offerings

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