Emergency Action Plans




 Cope Hall (Basketball, Volleyball)









 Football Practice Field









Emergency Plan Related Information

In the case of inclement weather, the attending athletic trainer will recommend to the appropriate coach, official, or game administrator that practice or competition be terminated. Decisions will be based on NCAA recommendations concerning threatening weather. All personnel will immediately seek shelter at designated areas, (football practice-Cope Annex, football game-Cope Hall & Cope Annex locker room, track-Cope Hall or Cope Annex, Tennis-Cope Annex, cross country-nearest safe shelter to the area where they are running).
The Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Lightning Policy states” The host certified athletic trainer will have the unchallengeable authority to suspend or postpone competition in the event of lightning. The certified athletic trainer and game official or/game administrator must consult and agree as to the time of resumption of play”.

Of note, once a game or competition has begun, the umpire or official holds the responsibility of game termination. The athletic director has the authority to override the official’s decision in the case of inclement weather. In addition, all issued weather warnings will be heeded by all of Cheyney University’s athletic teams.