Athletic Insurance Information 


Each year, Cheyney University purchases an excess basic accident insurance policy for our student-athletes. The policy covers medical expenses arising from athletic injuries up to a $90,000 limit and excess of any other available accident/health insurance (such as through a parent or student-athlete’s primary medical insurance). The accident medical insurance we carry applies only to “covered athletic injuries” and is not a replacement for primary accident/health insurance. The NCAA also provides a “catastrophic” medical policy, also excess of other insurance, with much higher limits in the event of serious injury.

All student-athletes, student trainers, student coaches, student managers, and cheerleaders carrying primary insurance must provide the school with a front and back copy of the card to be kept on file by the institution. If at any time this coverage expires during the school year, the athletic department must be notified.

The policy carries a deductible of $2500. This deductible will be reduced as payments are made by the primary insurance company. Once the primary insurance company has made payments equal to or greater than our deductible; our excess policy deductible will be satisfied. If any portion of the deductible is not satisfied by the primary insurance company this amount will be the responsibility of the student-athlete and/or parent/ guardian. Also, our policy does have certain limits and may not pay all charges in full.

Please note most primary insurance plans offered through employers have requirements for dependents over the age of 18, and it is important to comply with such requirements in order for coverage to continue to apply to the student. One requirement may be to provide a schedule proving that the student-athlete is a full-time student. If you are a member of an HMO or PPO, we recommend that you contact them and make sure you understand their policies with regard to dependent students who are going to school out of the network area. In some cases, the company will set up a “guest membership” for dependents in the area of temporary residence. If this is the case, you should attempt to have this set up for your student-athlete prior to their leaving for school.
Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered by this policy.  Failure to report such previously incurred injuries or illnesses relieves the Athletic Department of all liability, in the event the athlete sustains a subsequent injury or re-injury to the affected part, provided the original injury was a contributing factor to the subsequent injury in the opinion of the Team Physician.