Cheyney University

Student Athlete Advisory Committee 

Greetings Cheyney University Athlete, Alumni, and Fans. Thank You for visiting our Cheyney Wolves Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) web-link. All of the students at Cheyney University are looking to build on the excellence that is part of our rich tradition both on the court/field and in the classroom.

This year we have the opportunity to work with several outstanding leaders as we continue to strive for excellence. China Jude, Athletic Director, the coaches, athletic administrators and members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will work diligently to make this year successful.

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) allows student-athletes to be connected to all 12 varsity sports offered at the University. SAAC has the responsibility of ensuring the welfare of all Cheyney University Student Athletes. We work together as a group to address any concerns, issues or events that affect our student athletes. The entire SAAC committee is made up of members from each of our varsity athletic team. However, many other student-athletes, as well as students are encouraged to get involved with SAAC. Other than the welfare of our Cheyney University student athletes, the SAAC's main objective is to make the University community a better place.

Listed below are just several goals SAAC wishes to accomplish this year.

  1. To strengthen relations between student athletes and non-student athletes (between SAAC and other student run organizations across campus).
  2. To incorporate the national SAAC agenda and work closely with the PSAC in promoting interventions that enhance student athletic welfare.
  3. To uphold the values, traditions, and integrity associated with being a student-athlete at Cheyney University. (e.g., striving for excellence and competing with integrity as we remember what the year 1837 means to all of us).


The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will advise the academic/athletic staff in regards to services offered and quality of those services. The Committee shall assist in the development and implementation of programs that motivate studnet-athletes to strive for and be recognized for academic excellence and commitment. The voting members of SAAC shall establish and maintain open channels of communication with their teammates and all student-athletes in order to appropriatelyexpress any issues of concern relevant to student-athletes. The opinion of the Committee will be requested on various issues and topics as initiated by the Academic Staff, Compliance Coordinator, Athletic Director, Chancellor, President and NCAA Faculty Representative. More specifically, this might include, however is not limited to topics such as student-athlete welfare, exit interviews, athletic awards and NCAA/PSAC legislation.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Cheyney University Athletic Department takes great pride in the accomplishments and contributions fo the SAAC. The Purpose of SAAC is two fold. First and foremost, SAAC serves as a liaison to athletic administration at Cheyney ensuring student-athletes have a voice in all issues impacting their dauyly welfare. Secondly, SAAC serves as a leadership group recruiting fellow student-athletes to serve the campus and community through a variety of service programs. Each team has at least one representative on SAAC who is responsible for attending meetings. The elected team SAAC representative is then responsible for communication with the entire team. Representatives of SAAC meet throughout the year with Athletic Director China Jude and other administrators to build and maintain strong lines of communication regarding student-athlete welfare. Cheyney SAAC members also attend semester meetings of the PSAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

SAAC Projects

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is among the most active recognized student organizations on campus.
A sampling of SAAC events is listed below.

  • Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Day
    Each year one home football game is disignated as Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Day. Student-athletes walk through the crowd handing out literature about the need and importance of Organ and Tissue Donation.
  • Beautification
    This year the track and field team cleaned up several vacant lots in Chester.
  • Nursing Home
    The Women's Basketball team visited with the Pocopson Nursing Home.
  • Basketball Clinic
    The Men's Basketball Team put on a clinic at the Northern Home for Boys and the Women's team put on a clinic at the West Chester Community Center.
  • Reading to Elementary School
    The football team read to the William Penn Elementary School in Chester.
  • Habitat For Humanity
    Student-athletes from all teams will participate building a house in Coatesville with Habitat for Humanity later this spring.

SAAC Members

  • • Bruce Kennedy – President
  • • Ayasha Lyke – Vice President
  • • Danielle Mines – Treasurer
  • • D’Atra Jackson –Public Relations
  • • Shkera Alston – Parliamentarian
  • • Janal Redic – Secretary
  • • Jamie Archibald
  • • Taylor Billington
  • • Dymesha Bolden
  • • Nadirah Brown
  • • Simone Carter
  • • Brandon Collins
  • • Ed Draughn
  • • Quanisha Grimes
  • • Denise Hill
  • • Darnel Hinson
  • • Dwayne Hyman
  • • Christalee Lynch
  • • Jade O’Connor Alston
  • • Veronica Sweet
  • • Tyler Wilkinson
  • • Lionel Wilson
  • • Joe Winn