Cheyney University

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Department of Athletics

Vision Statement
The Mission of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania shall be to provide National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Division II programs for men and women that are equally characterized by excellence.

The primary philosophy of the Department of Athletics is that our staff and program develop and hold the concept of the student-athlete at the highest level of significance. This important standard must be encouraged and supported and never compromised, thus emphasizing to the student-athlete the importance of not only obtaining a degree but also in reaching full academic and athletic potential. The Intercollegiate Athletics program shall reflect due regard for the athletics traditions of Cheyney University as well as future promise. The program shall fall within Cheyney’s abilities to provide appropriate facilities, financial capabilities of Cheyney University to fund adequately.

The goal of the Department of Athletics is consistent with the core mission of the University: to provide excellent educational opportunities for a diverse student population. Our student-athletes will be viewed as students first, and only then as athletes. The department will focus on providing graduates who are successful, well rounded and prepared to make positive contributions to society.

Academics achievements in the classroom, together with the development of character, individual and team skills, the will to win, and a sense of fair play and sportsmanship in athletic competition determines distinction in intercollegiate athletics programs. Such groups including students, faculty and staff, alumni, community and friends at all levels of interest.

The Department of Athletics will strive to be a leader in areas of ethics, non-discrimination, diversity and authentic fiscal integrity throughout the Cheyney University campus, the State of Pennsylvania and the country. At the time, student-athletes must be given the greatest preparation, motivation and support.

Last, but not least, it is the objective of the Department of Athletics to adhere in principle and fact to the rules and regulations of the University and National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Code of Ethics

  1. Principle of Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct
    Student-athletes, coaches and administrators of the Department of Athletics at Cheyney University shall conduct themselves with honesty and good sportsmanship. Their behavior at all times should reflect the high standards of honor and dignity that characterize participation in competitive sports in a collegiate environment. Per the NCAA Constitution 2.4, it is Cheyney's responsibility to:
    • Establish policies for sportsmanship and ethical conduct in intercollegiate athletics consistent withy the educational mission and goals of the University; and
    • Educate, on a continuing basis, all constituencies about the University's Policies on sportsmanship and ethical conduct.
  2. Standards of Ethical Conduct
    Student-athletes, coaches and administrators are expected to represent Cheyney University in an honorable manner at all times. Standards of ethical conduct are established and enforced by the NCAA, PSAC and Cheyney University . All student-athletes, coaches, staff, and administrators are expected to comply with the general conduct and ethics guidelines specified below.
    • Cheyney's responsibility is to exercise control of its athletic program and to keep it within the bounds of the educational process. Cheyney's responsibility is also to promote the general public's understanding of this point of view and its appreciation of the educational values which are derived from a properly balanced program of intercollegiate sports.
    • Cheyney's responsibility is to ensure that all individuals employed by or directly associated with its athletic program conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Documented unsportsmanlike conduct (including but not limited to fighting, verbal abuse or other negative behavior) by department staff, coaches, administrators or student-athletes will not be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary action.
    • Staff members at Cheyney University will refrain from negative recruiting (e.g., sending newspaper articles which demean another institution, verbal degradation, or any other action which results in lowering the regard of another institution). Negative recruiting is subject to disciplinary action.
    • Public remarks regarding Cheyney policy or other athletic matters, including officiating, which denigrate Cheyney, individuals or other institutions will not be tolerated and are subject to disciplinary action.