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clearance process 

In order to be cleared to attend classes the following steps must be completed.
·         Student must be registered
·         Must not have any stops on their student account
·         Must have satisfied all financial obligations
·         Must be in good standing with the University
·         Must have completed all forms requests by Cheyney University staff
Attendance/Enrollment Confirmation
The following must be completed by the Due Date to secure enrollment. 1. Student Information Request Form (fall/spring only) AND 2. Payment (if you complete the form and have made sufficient payment arrangements you will see a message on your student account that you are cleared before the 1st day of classes). 
Student Information Request Form All students must complete this form along with payment to be cleared for classes. A student information request form must be filled out and is currently only used for Fall and Spring terms. Failure to complete this item will show a not cleared status which will result in the loss of your schedule.
·         Click on Student Information Request Form above
·         Complete the form and hit the submit button at the bottom of the screen. 
·         This form will be available until the bill due date, if you have not filled out this form by that date you will have to come to the Cashier’s window of the Bursar’s office for clearance
Campus Store Voucher Bookstore vouchers are available to all students whose financial aid exceeds their institutional charges and a refund for the excess aid has not been issued. A Voucher Request form is required for each term or semester the student wishes to purchase course required materials using excess financial aid. Vouchers are only redeemable at the Cheyney Bookstore
·         Click on Student Information Request Form above
·         Complete the form and hit the submit button at the bottom of the screen. 
To be eligible for a campus store voucher:
·         The student must be registered for the classes in the semester for which excess financial aid is available
·         The student must be current on all university accounts
·         All documents and forms necessary for disbursement of funds must be completed verified and certified (ex., terms and conditions, master promissory note, entrance counseling, etc.)
·         The Bursar’s office will determine if the student has excess funds available to cover the amount selected
·         The university has not issued a refund for the excess funds
Upon approval of the Campus Store Voucher request form, the Bursar's Office will notify the student if time allows and will reserve the amount authorized on the student's account until the Cheyney Bookstore submits the exact amount of the purchases made by the student. The bookstore purchases will be applied to the student's account at the end of the semester and any unused amounts of the voucher will be refunded to the student in accordance with the University's refund policy.
Bookstore vouchers requested but not used will follow the same refund policy as above on any unused funds.