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Passhe Bid Opportunities

Bid opportunities can be found  on the Department of General Services (DGS) website at:   When searching by agency select State System of Higher Education.

The information contained on the website  is current and accurate. It is the vendor's responsibility to check this site periodically to obtain any changes to the solicitations. Vendors who fail to submit current copies of the solicitation may be deemed non-responsive. Additionally, by downloading the solicitations contained herein you hereby agree not to alter the contents of the document in any way. Submit response in accordance with solicitation requirements. Vendors who fail to comply with this requirement may be deemed non-responsive. All bids/proposals must be submitted so that they will be received at the issuing office no later than the exact date and time set for opening of bids/proposals.

If you intend to submit a bid/proposal on any of the solicitations listed, please send an e-mail to notify us. We will then add your company to our list of bidders for that solicitation. Doing so will ensure you automatically receiving any addenda issued to the original solicitation.