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It is the goal of the Office of Procurement Services to provide support and guidance in the solution of all procurement needs.
The Office of Procurement Services is a service unit for Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. The cooperation of departmental personnel, support staff, legal counsel and vendors is imperative in order to provide the most efficient and effective procurement services.

General Information

The procurement of supplies, services, and construction by the Office of Procurement Services for Cheyney University of Pennsylvania will conform to the provisions and statutory limitations as outlined in the Commonwealth Procurement Code (Act 57 of 1998) as well as to implementing procedures adopted by the Board of Governors, including Policy 1998-04 and 1983-02-A.
It is the policy of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania to follow prudent business practices in its purchasing and contracting activities, which maximize the value of supplies and services received in return for dollars expended. Institutional purchasing procedures are designed to focus centralized procurement efforts of the Office of Procurement Services in areas where the greatest gain may be achieved in terms of cost and quality, while utilizing decentralized procurement for smaller dollar items. Purchasing practices also recognize that the benefits of procurement at the lowest possible cost should always be weighed against other factors such as useful life, functionality, associated hidden costs, and the time sensitivity of certain procurement needs.