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Career Development Benefits


Internships, Co-ops & Field Experience:

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania supports and encourages students to participate in at least one Internship/Co-op/Field Experience opportunity before graduating.

The Center for Career & Professional Development, (CCPD) supports the Academic, Personal and Professional development of Cheyney students through a 5-Point Career Development Model.

The Internship/Co-op/Field Experience program fulfills the 4th component of our model which is to encourage all students to have at least one experiential opportunity before graduation.

This program represents a strong collaboration between Faculty, Experience Providers and the Center for Career & Professional Development.

Why Do Internships/Co-ops/Field Experience?

Internships/Co-Ops/Field Experiences provide real opportunities for Cheyney students to explore and pursue careers that match their academic, personal and long term career interests.

The benefits of completing Internships/Co-Ops/Field Experiences include:

  • Development of a strong sense of individual responsibility for achieving goals.
  • Career exploration through jobs in a variety of professional fields.
  • Chance to develop industry-specific abilities while completing your college degree.
  • Building professional networking contacts and mentoring relationships early.
  • Helping students to become viable experienced job applicants post graduation.
  • Employment offers before graduation. In fact, many employers consider internship experience in the hiring process, and often look to their own interns as the best potential candidates for full-time positions.

Will I get paid?

Internships/Co-Ops/Field Experiences may be paid or unpaid.

Will I get academic credit?

NOT all Internships/Co-ops/Field Experiences will offer the opportunity for students to gain academic credit. Whether or not a program provides credit, students are still encouraged to seek Internships/Co-ops/Field Experiences in preparation for employment and/or graduate schools.

Read the guidelines for Internships/Co-ops/Field Experiences WITHOUT academic credit.

How can I get academic credit?

If you seek to gain academic credit for your Internships/Co-ops/Field Experiences please download, read and action the following documents:

Guidelines for Internships/Co-ops/Field Experiences with academic credit

Study Abroad Programs:

Why should I consider participating in a study abroad program?

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Graduate & Professional Schools:

Are you ready for a graduate or professional school?

Do your homework before applying.


Professional Organizations:


Why join a professional organization?

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