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Feb 3 Tue

Thurgood Marshall College Fund
Marcus Foster, Rm. 211
12:00 PM 

Feb 5 Thu

Professional Development
Marcus Foster Rm 211
6:00 PM 

Feb 10 Tue

ChildCare Careers On-campus Interviews/Recruitment
Burleigh Hall, Room 132
9:00 AM 

Feb 11 Wed

City Year On-campus Recruitment
Locations TBA
8:00 AM 

Feb 18 Wed

Children's Services, Inc. On-campus Recruitment
Marcus Foster Center, First Floor Lobby
11:30 AM 

Mar 18 Wed

Cheyney University Career Fair--Spring 2015
Marcus Foster Center, 2nd Floor
11:00 AM 

Apr 8 Wed

Internship Institute Workshop Series - How to Network
Burleigh Hall First Floor
12:45 PM