How to Join the Choir

Any student who is interested in joining the choir should meet with the Director of Choral Activities either in the semester prior to intended participation or within the first week of classes of the semester of intended participation to discuss the process. Auditions occur the first week of classes. No students will be admitted into the choir after the second week of classes has ended.

Please understand that the choir maintains a rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule. Every choir member is expected to be in attendance for all rehearsals and performances. If you have questions about our schedules, please contact the Director of Choral Activities.

Audition Application

To audition for the choir, complete the Cheyney University Concert Choir Audition Form and bring to your audition at least 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time. For email address, please provide whichever is checked most frequently.

Once you have been accepted into the choir, complete the ___ and bring that to your first invited rehearsal.