Cheyney university General Scholarship Application -  SPRING 2013

• Students new to the University: Please first apply to Cheyney University by using the Application for Admission to Cheyney University ( Current Cheyney students – applications are due by February 1st to be considered for Fall 2013 semester awards.
• Please complete the below form, and submit the form and essay to Nancy L. Jones, VP for University Advancement & External Relations, Room 201, Biddle Hall.
• Scholarship awards are made on a competitive and rolling basis. Scholarships are awarded based on student merit (academic performance, leadership and service), need, fit within the guidelines of any specific scholarship program, and funding availability.
• Students who apply to the honors academy need only submit the honors academy application to be considered for scholarships. Honors academy submissions are automatically considered for scholarships.
• All notification is communicated via email – please be certain to include an email address that is active and that you check regularly.
• Scholarship awards are time sensitive – please be responsive to any additional requests for information, or any stated deadlines. Awards will be forfeited if responses are not received within the noted time-line.

Please submit this form and a two-page biographical essay including a response to the following: What qualities do you possess that make you a strong candidate for receipt of an academic scholarship? What are your professional aspirations for the future, and what do you intend to achieve while in college?

Name (Last, First, MI):

Student ID:

SAT (Math+Verbal):

High School Graduation Date/or College Cohort (FR, SOPH, JR, SR):

Cumulative GPA:

List the specific scholarships that you wish to be considered for:

Major and Major Advisor Graduation Date:

Home Mailing Address:



Home telephone number: ________________________________________________________

Cell: _________________________________________________________________________

Email (that you check regularly):__________________________________________________

References (letters of recommendation are encouraged):
1) Name: ____________________________________________ Relationship: ____________________
Address: __________________________________________ Telephone: ______________________

2) Name: ____________________________________________ Relationship: ____________________
Address: __________________________________________ Telephone: ______________________

3) Name: ____________________________________________ Relationship: ____________________
Address: __________________________________________ Telephone: _____________________