Student aid disbursement dates

Disbursement Dates for Student Financial Aid for Award Year 2012-2013
For Students Awarded and Enrolled for the Fall/Spring Semester
Second Disbursement Date:  February 8, 2013

Spring Only Awarded and Enrolled 
First Disbursement Date: (Graduate and Returning Students) February 8, 2013
*First Disbursement for Loans Date: (New Undergraduate Students Only) March 1, 2013
Second Disbursement Date: March 19, 2013

*All first time loan borrowers are subject to a thirty (30) day delayed disbursement of loan funds for the semester.  Please plan your educational related expenses around the dates provided.

New/Returning/Transfer Students who wish to borrow loans through the Federal Stafford Loan Program for the "first time" please make sure you have completed the following by visiting

1.  Complete Entrance Counseling 

2.  Complete a Master Promissory Notice

3.  Submit all required documentation to CONFIRM FUND ELIGIBILITY

4.  Parent Plus Loan Borrowers COMPLETE Plus Loan Request 

5.  Approved Plus Loan Applicants should complete a Master Promissory Notice/Entrance Counseling 

Those seeking an Endorser to support a credit approval must provide the Endorser with the appropriate PLUS Loan Application reference number.  For further assistance contact 1-800-4-FED-AID.