The Office of General Education has announced the University-Wide Learning Outcome (UWLO) Syllabus Challenge for the Spring 2011 semester. Each of the five degree granting departments were challenged to implement explicit communication of how the learning outcomes are promoted in each of their courses that they teach in the Spring 2011 semester. This challenge applies to all undergraduate teaching faculty members; whether they are regular faculty, part-time adjuncts, or full-time adjuncts. The winning department, which adheres most to this challenge, will win a $500 cash prize that can be used at the discretion of the department.

The funds for this competition were graciously donated by the Cheyney Fund. In addition, all stake holders are interested and excited about seeing which department wins the challenge.

After the Thanksgiving Break, a total of nine training sessions were offered on the campus for all undergraduate teaching faculty members to attend and learn hot to participate in the challenge. The energy is high and the momentum is great. To keep up the momentum, a 20-minute video has been created to relay the training session for those that were unable to attend one of the training sessions and/or for late Spring Hires to reference.

The 20-minute training video is embedded below. Before viewing the video please ensure that you have printed out the two-page handout and that you have a writing utensil handy to write down the “unique viewer code” when provided. Instructions on what to do with that unique viewer code are explained in the video.