Resident Aid references

All of our Resident aids have received Mental Health first aid training. They are placed in several rooms throughout the campus dorms. If you need one, here is a full list of all the Resident aids on Cheyney’s campus.



Room number

Housing agreement

Hayes, Makkah 103 Humphreys
Hicks, Darren A206 Emlen
Briggs,Shaneka B110 New Res.
Stratton,Charlie B210 New Res.
Meade, Qualyn B310 New Res.
Gill, Markcus B416 New Res.
Collins, Cierra C111 New Res.
Brunache,Varnia C211 New Res.
Saunders,Quiyiim C311 New Res.
Wilson, Lonnell C415 New Res.
Hill, Gary D107 New Res.
Lovelace, Tariq D207 New Res.
Sealy,Lauren Ann D303 New Res.
Effi, Comfort E130 Emlen
Mack, Jimmy E230 Emlen
Hines-Allen, Kyra K214 King
Yelverton,Antalicia K314 King
Altamirano,Christian K514 King
Baptiste, Mavin K614 King
Scruggs, Dominique K714 KIng
Encarnacion, Cree TD227 King
Kelly, Mary TD327 King
Lowman, Brittany TD427 King
Bey, Mustafaa TD527 King
Muhammad, Jahleel TD627 King
Baytop, Caleb TD727 King