Guidance and Counseling

The Department of Guidance and Counseling is designed to promote, enhance and facilitate the educational experiences of Cheyney University students by improving their personal, social, academic, and career development. Enhanced performance and growth evolves through their exposure to a variety of counseling, educational and occupational assessments offered within the department. The primary purpose of the department is to teach students how to successfully navigate in a college environment. We create and support proactive programs that help students to stimulate their intellectual growth, maximize their personal potential and make their college years a productive and meaningful experience. The department seeks to provide students with adaptive skills that prepare them to become productive citizens in their personal lives, in their professional careers and in their communities.

The following programs and services are part of the Department of Guidance and Counseling:

  • Freshman Seminar-is a two-semester sequence of courses, Freshman Seminar I, GAC 101 and Freshman Seminar II, GAC 102 required of all freshmen during their freshman year. It is a required course for graduation. The courses are designed to introduce students to the university experience including advisement for the registration process and selecting a major. Students are exposed to practical information designed to assist them in developing the skills needed to be successful in their new academic and social environment.
  • Academic Advising - Freshman Seminar professors serve as the academic advisors for freshman students in their respective classes. Guidance and Counseling faculty remain as students academic advisors until they declare their major. Students are taught how to select courses and successfully complete those courses required of all Cheyney students regardless of their chosen majors. Once students officially declare a major, they are assigned an academic advisor by the department from which they have selected a major.
  • Psychological Counseling Services - are offered by two professionally trained counselors who are available to provide counseling services for students who are in need of ongoing assistance with managing life issues. Counselors provide basic counseling services for students ranging from homesickness and stress to grief and relationship counseling. Guidance and Counseling also work in collaboaration with the Student Wellness Specialist, under University College, in assessing and referring students for treatment and with Public Safety in response to crisis situations involving students that occur after normal work hours. Information regarding the Student Wellness program and additional psychological student support services can be found by clicking on this link. Both Guidance and Counseling and Student Wellness will assess and refer students with a diagnosis or who are on medication related to their counseling needs to community agencies for treatment by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. 
  • Disability Advising -  is provided to students who identify themselves as potential candidates for disability services.  A student in need of disability services will work with a Disabilities Specialist from Guidance and Counseling on processing and determining disability service eligibility and implementing the appropriate accommodations.