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Health Services 

The Cheyney University Health Center is located in the McKnight-Rogers building. As partners in your health care, we strive to provide high quality service while encouraging you to be a responsible, knowledgeable health care consumer.
The Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:00 p.m. Summer hours may vary.  A physician is available to students by appointment. Please contact the Health Center at 610-399-2260 to arrange an appointment.  

Physician's Schedule 8am - 3:30pm:  Mondays & Tuesdays

In the event the Health Center is closed, call Public Safety at 610-399-2405. Students may report directly to the Office of Public Safety if they need transportation to a hospital emergency room. Public Safety will coordinate this activity. Transportation to the hospital is by ambulance service to either Riddle Memorial or Chester County Hospital. Please note that Cheyney University Public Safety officers are not permitted to transport students to the hospital. 

It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for transportation and payment to private physicians. Any medical expense incurred by the student is the responsibility of the individual student or parent.
All Health Center services are confidential and are designed to encourage students to become active partners in their own health care. Complex medical problems that are beyond the scope of care provided by the Health Center are referred to local private physicians or to the emergency room. Any expenses for hospital or medical treatment obtained off campus are the responsibility of the student or parent. Health Service charges not covered under the Health Center fee will be posted at the Health Center.
Cheyney University requires that each student have valid accident and medical (illness) insurance. Students will be requested to verify medical insurance coverage annually. Students who do not have their own insurance can enroll in any of a number of plans that may be available to them through information at the Health Center. Failure to update the insurance information will result in a restriction in the central computer that will prevent a student from completing the admission process. Cheyney University is not responsible for any medical expenses incurred while attending the University.
Students are also mandated to provide proof of childhood immunizations. Students who do not have the immunizations required for admittance can obtain information from the Health Center relative to local public health facilities that administer immunizations. Failure to produce proof of immunizations will result in a restriction in the central computer that will prevent a student from completing the admission process. Cheyney University does not administer nor pay for student childhood immunizations.