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Health Center

As partners in your health care, we strive to provide high quality services while encouraging you to be a responsible, knowledgeable health care consumer.  All Health Center services are confidential and are designed to encourage students to become active partners in their own health care.

The doctor is able to write prescriptions for medication not available at the Health Center and perform physical examinations.  

Other services provided:

  • treat minor illnesses
  • treat minor infections
  • treat minor wounds

Complex medical problems that are beyond the scope of care provided by the Health Center are referred to local private physicians or to the emergency room.  Any expenses for hospital or medical treatment obtained off campus are the responsibility of the student.


Each student at Cheyney University is required to have on file at the Health Center:

  1. Reports

    Tuberculosis:  PPDA or IGRA within 1 year of registration.  If positive a copy of chest x-ray and any treatment information is required.

  2. Immunization Records
  3. Complete Health Form


In the event of a medical emergency that occurs when the Health Center is closed, call Public Safety at (610) 399-2405 or 911.  Please note that Public Safety officers are not permitted to transport students to the hospital.

Contact Information

Name:  Ann Mitchell-Czeponis
Medical Records Assistant

Phone:  (610) 399-2260
Fax:      (610) 399-2566

McKnight-Rogers Building (MR)

Health Center Hours:
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Physician's Hours:

Consolidated Health Plans (CHP)