Cheyney Inn & GrillE

Welcome to Cheyney Universities Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism Management program’s learning laboratory. Sit back relax and become a part of the story as our future Spa, Hotel, Resort, & Restaurant leaders perfect their artistry. Sensory activities include:

  • Scientific Research
  • Hands on Cooking
  • Research Opportunities for Corporations
  • Scholarly Writing

Our menu encompasses French and American Continental Cuisine. Taste the flavors of exotic Vietnam (a former French colony) or Pain Perdu as if you were exploring the streets of Paris.

The Tilapia and Basil used in our recipes are fabricated on site in collaboration with the Cheyney University Aquaculture program. The Aquaculture Research and Education Center is designed to help meet the education and research needs of our region and helps support critical waterways.

The Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism Management programs latest partnership is with the JOE SPUD’S Restaurant brand. We are currently product testing Buffalo Chicken Fries for this loaded burger, tasty spuds, and yummy shake concept.

We would like to thank you for support. We encourage you to try all six courses along with experiencing this astounding cuisine in our dining room allowing students increased learning opportunities. Normal lunch service is around forty-five minutes to one hour. We do not encourage take out. Once again enjoy your meal.


11:00 am until 1:30 pm
Room 226 of the Harris Turner Building


Many menu items consist of, or contain meat, fish, shellfish, or fresh shell eggs, and nuts. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, shellfish, or fresh shell eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Please inform your sever of any food allergies.



Soup $3.00

  • Puree of Carrot
    fresh carrots~roasted vegetables~black beans~avocado~coconut milk
  • Seafood Bisque
    shrimp~salmon~scallops~lite cream

Appetizers $3.00

  • Fresh Corn Cake
    market corn~cinnamon cream~black eyed pea salad
  • Vegetable Egg Roll
    fresh vegetables~sweet onion glaze~soy reduction~wasabi peas
  • Drunken Mussels
    Prince Edward Island mussels yuengling lager~roasted garlic
  • Buffalo Chicken Fries
    spicy chicken~blue cheese~chives

Salad $3.00

  • Caesar
    romaine lettuce~cheese~croutons~garlic dressing

Intermezzo $1.00

  • Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, & Berry Granita

Entrées $6.00

  • Pain Perdu
    french brandy~vanilla~organic maple syrup
  • Seafood Mezzaluna
  • Chicken Coq Co Vin
    pan-seared chicken~pinot noir sauce~fresh vegetables~mashed potatoes
  • Fish & Chips
    fresh tilapia~chips~basil alioa~lime~today’s headlines
  • Braised Sirloin
    vegetable risotto~tender beef~market vegetable
  • Shrimp Cheyney
    panko shrimp~mango~ tomato ~fries


  • House-made Peach Cobbler
    fresh peaches~vanille ice cream
  • Chocolate Torte
    chocolate sauce~ fresh berries~crème anglaise
  • Fried Cheese Cake
    fresh fruit puree~cocoa ~crème anglaise
  • French Crème Brulee Cheyney
    chocolate brandy sauce~ vanilla, crème ~ cinnamon biscotti
  • Fresh Strawberries with Crème Anglaise
  • Fire & Ice
    Chocolate crust~vanilla ice cream~brandy sauce~caramel

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