Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism Management as a Minor

In this asymmetrical global society the Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism Management Program has taken a dualistic approach offering students a world class educational experience by developing a minor in our nationally ranked program. An emphasis has been placed on entrepreneurship, product development, wedding & event planning, marketing, and travel tourism. The minor in HRTM requires 18 credits.

Students can meet with a HRTM faculty member and enroll from the following majors:

Political Science, Psychology, Social Relations, Social Science, Art, Communication Arts, English, Liberal Studies, Music, and Theater Arts.

Suggested Courses For The Following Emphasis Are As Follows:

  • Marketing: Hospitality Sales & Marketing, Nature, Sport, & Destination Management, Hospitality Product Research & Development Management, Menu Planning, Weddings, Ceremonies, & Tournament Management, and Athletic Performance & Plant-Based Cuisine.
  • Law: Hospitality Law, Hospitality Management & Gaming, Hospitality Financial Management, Hospitality Human Resources, Developing Small Hospitality Lodging Properties & Private Club Management, and Cruise Industry Operations and Sales.
  • Culinary & Pastry Arts: Catering, Quantity Food Production, Menu Planning, Classical Wines, Beers, & Spirits Management, European Cuisine & Oenology, and Chocolate, Ice Cream, & Patisserie Management.
  • Product Development: Athletic Performance & Plant-Based Cuisine, Classical Wines, Beers, & Spirits Management, Hospitality Product Research & Development Management, Hospitality Sales & Marketing, Spa Management, and Chocolate, Ice Cream, & Patisserie Management.
  • Travel & Tourism: Cruise Industry Operations and Sales, Resort Management & Travel Operations, Vacation Ownership & Franchising Management, Nature, Sport, & Destination Management, Spa Management, and Travel & Tourism.
  • Event Planning: Catering, Event, Convention, & Meeting Planning, Menu Planning, Dining Service Management & Beverage Controls, Cruise Industry Operations and Sales, and Weddings, Ceremonies, & Tournament Management.