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2016 - 2017 Adjunct pool

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania welcomes applications from qualified candidates interested in part-time instructional assignments.  Candidates will be considered for the following undergraduate and graduate subject areas including upper and/or lower level courses in the following areas: (Please explore the program links below to learn more about our programs)


Business Administration

Communication Arts

Computer and Information Sciences

Early Childhood Administration


Fine Arts

Graphic Design

Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

Liberal Studies

Marine Biology


Political Science

Psychology and Counseling

Recreation and Leisure Management

Social Relations

Masters in Public Administration

Masters in Education Leadership

Professionally Qualified applicants must have a minimum of a Master's in a related field and a minimum of 5 years of significant professional experience in a related field. Academically Qualified applicants will be ABD; a relevant Ph.D., DBA, or terminal degree and at least one publication within the last 5 years is preferred.

Please send ALL the following in one application packet via mail:

1. Letter of application indicating your specific interest in teaching areas

2. Vita or resume

3. Copies of graduate and undergraduate transcripts

4. Three letters of reference

5. Completed university application for employment

Please mail application material to the mailing address below:
(There will be no acknowledgment of receipt and candidates will be contacted as the department needs change).
Office of Human Resources - Adjunct Pool
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
1837 University Circle
Cheyney, PA 19319