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Blackboard is a course management system that allows professors to assign and collect assignments, post grades and support material, and provide online support and assistance to supplement in class instruction.

Click here to visit Blackboard

All academically cleared Cheyney students will have a user account setup for Blackboard access at the beginning of each semester. User accounts will be setup automatically by the Information Technology Department. Your account will be setup as follows:

Login with your user name and password(must be upper case).

  • Username: first initial (first name) + last name (no spaces)  (Case insensitive)
  • Password: first initial of first name (Cap) + first initial of last name(Cap) + last 5 digits student ID # (no spaces)   (Case sensitive)

If your username doesn’t work, please try to use:
first initial  of first name+middle initial+ last name (no spaces)

Or  try your full name as user name
First name+last name( no spaces)

Password will still be:

Password: first initial of first name(cap) + first initial of last name(cap) + last 5 digits student ID # (no spaces)  (Case Sensitive)


Name: John M. Doe; Student ID # 33999

Username: JDOE (no spaces)

Or try  JMDoe

Or JohnDoe as your user name

Passwords: JD33999 (no spaces)