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ResNet (Internet Access)

Residence Hall PC Configurations

All students who request internet access in their dorm rooms must bring their PC's to Information Technology Services (Vaux building) for registration, configuration and (free) McAfee Anti-Virus installation. Students must fill-out a Student PC Setup Form; register the MAC address before using internet or campus resources. After these preventative measures have been taken your network port will be connected in the residence halls.

The turnaround time will be 24-48 hours. Student ID's are required for PC pick-up.

Minimum Configuration Requirements
Windows 2000 or XP
Pentium 800 MHz/equivalent or greater processor
Minimum 128 MB ram

PC Drop Off Times
Tuesdays & Thursdays

PC Pick-up Times
Wednesdays & Fridays

Student PC Check List

The following steps should be taken to make sure your computer will be able to connect to our campus network.

Step 1: Fill-Out PC Set-up Form

Go to>Technology>Student Computing>Forms>PC Set-Up Form. Complete all fields, print out form and submit your information to the helpdesk. Bring your PC and completed form to The Office of Information Technology in Vaux Hall.

Step 2: Hardware

The first step that should be taken to make sure your PC will be able to connect to our campus network is that your computer has a network card. A network card is a device that allows your computer to communicate with other computers much like a modem, however a network card is much faster. If your computer has a network card the jack will be in the back, and it will look a lot like a phone jack but larger. Most of the newer PC's come equipped with a network card from the factory.

Network Card: RJ-45 Port

Students will also need an Ethernet cord to connect their computer to the campus network. The cords can be purchased at the University bookstore or local stores i.e. Radio Shack.

Step 3: Windows Updates

Every computer must have the most current windows updates before it will be allowed to connect to the campus network. You can get windows updates from this link Windows Updates

Step 4: Anti-Virus

If you already have an anti-Virus program on your computer, the anti-virus software must be removed . You then need to install our campus version of McAfee Anti-Virus which is free to all Cheyney students. After installing McAfee Anti-Virus you should run live update so you will have the most current virus definitions (.DAT). If any anti-virus software other then the campus version is installed on your computer it could cause irreversible damage to your computers operating system, which would require you to reformat your computer and lose any files you had on it.

Step 5: Telephone and Data Connections

Each room in the residential halls is equipped with telephone and data connections. The top port is for telephone connections. The bottom port is for data connectivity. The left side of the room is referred to as the A side . The right side is referred to as B . When making a helpdesk request, please reference the side of the room A or B , telephone (upper port) or data (lower port), room number, port number, telephone number, name, dorm, floor problem and hours that you are available.

If you need further assistance please contact the helpdesk at ext.2043 or