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Cheyney University is one of five pilot State System of Higher Education (System) institutions implementing SAP administrative software. The modules being implemented are the Finance, Human Resources and Campus Management (student information system). This is a multi-year project stemming from a 1999 recommendation by the GartnerGroup for all fourteen universities and the Dixon Center to share a single administrative computer system. Five universities (Cheyney, Clarion, East Stroudsburg, Kutztown, Shippensburg) volunteered to pilot the project and shortly thereafter the System created the Pilot Initiative Task Force (PITF) as well as a number of oversight committees. Comprised of the finance and administration vice presidents and information technology professionals from each of the five pilot universities, the PITF's mission was to determine the "validity and effectiveness" of the GartnerGroup recommendation.

An extensive eighteen-month investigative procurement process involved hundreds of individuals from across the System as various vendors' products were researched and demonstrated and a Request for Qualified Contractor (RFQC) bid document was written. In early 2001 the bid responses were evaluated by the PITF and the System entered into a contract with a team of vendors led by Unisys Corporation for the implementation of SAP software on Sun Solaris computer systems.

The systems are physically located at Millersville University. The State System Technology Consortium (SyTEC) was created to both manage the implementations of the systems and to support them once the implementations are complete.

Since April of 2001 Cheyney University has been involved in the project preparation and implementation processes. The general timeframe for implementations at Cheyney is December 2002 for Finance; July 2003 for Human Resources and 2004-2005 for Campus Management. More detailed dates can be found on other pages of this site. The balance of the System institutions will be divided into two groups and will implement these same SAP systems in two waves over the next five to seven years.

This is an extremely large and complicated project that will affect everyone at Cheyney' s campus. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by your colleagues who are working hard to make this as smooth a transition as possible.



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