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Student computing

Cheyney University has a state-of the-art network infrastructure and computer systems which provides each student the opportunity to computer access and resources throughout the entire campus. Whether you are conducting electronic research in the library or browsing the internet from your dorm room, students will find fast, reliable network access at their fingertips. The Computer Services staff invites each student to take advantage of the vast technologies, resources and services that are available to them throughout the campus that will enhance their educational needs.

The following resources are provided by Cheyney University:

  • 21 computer laboratories
  • Telephones (Each room in each residence hall is equipped with a telephone line for each student)
  • Network connection from residence halls (Each room in each residence hall is equipped with a network line that enables students to have access to the Internet)
  • 24/7 internet and email access
  • Computer labs in each residence hall
  • Policies
  • Student Accounts
  • Webmail
  • IQ. Student