Cheyney University scholarship policy

Cheyney University Policy IA 2010 - 2012
Policy on University Scholarship Awards and Student Acceptance

Approved by: University President’s Cabinet

Consistent with PASSHE BOG 1996 01, State Law

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A. Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to define the awarding of scholarships at Cheyney University.

B. Scope
This policy applies to all candidates for scholarships.

C. Definition of Scholarships
Scholarships at Cheyney University serve the purpose of providing financial support to students who
have shown meritorious conduct, and are reserved for students with special qualifications, such as
academic, athletic or artistic talent. Scholarships are intended to promote the recruitment and
retention of high achieving and talented students. In keeping with the purpose of scholarships at
Cheyney University, the committee is to act within the intent of any given award, and in accordance
with the wishes of donors when making awards (which may include need).

Policy on Scholarships
All scholarship awards are subject to the following conditions. Any student accepting a scholarship must
accept the following conditions:

1. All requirements associated with receipt of a scholarship are to be made available to potential
recipients. The Cheyney University website is a resource for this information.

2. The scholarship committee reserves the right to review or cancel awards due to changes in financial
standing, academic or program status, if such criteria are specified as a requirement for receipt of a
scholarship. All scholarship students must be in good standing with the Office of Student Affairs.

3. All awards are tentative subject to legislative appropriation and receipt of funds by Cheyney
University and final verification of academic records and acceptance to the University.

4. Some awards require full?time enrollment (minimum 12 hours per semester); specifications are
provided for each award.

5. Scholarship recipients must maintain the required cumulative grade point average. Grades are
subject to review on a term?by?term basis. Unless specified otherwise by the donor, any scholarship
recipient who earns a semester grade point average lower than a 3.0 will automatically be placed on
probation. Students placed on probation must register with the Academic Success Center for a
scholarship retention program. Two semesters below, or a cumulative GPA lower than a 3.0 results
in forfeiture of the scholarship.

6. Students receiving scholarship awards who withdraw from the university must notify the scholarship
committee. Withdrawals count as a semester of eligibility.

7. If the scholarship is renewable, renewal will be automatic contingent upon all conditions of the
award being met. A student may receive a scholarship for up to four years (eight semesters total),
unless a formal appeal is submitted and approved.

8. Unless otherwise noted, scholarship awards are disbursed in one?half amounts and applied towards
fees during each registration fee payment period (fall and spring, unless specifically indicated for
this purpose, awards are not available for summer terms). Award amounts in excess of fees will be
made available to the students via direct deposit or check disbursement from the bursar’s office.

9. All scholarship recipients must send a thank you note to the donors, and meet other expectations
outlined by the donors.

Cheyney policy does not permit a student to receive institutional funds in conjunction with other
outside funds in excess of that student’s Cost of Attendance (COA)

Cheyney scholarship recipients cannot exceed their Cost of Attendance in institutional funds. The
combination of scholarships, federal aid, and outside assistance cannot exceed the COA figure. If a
combination of all sources of aid exceeds the student’s COA, Cheyney will reduce aid to keep the
student within their COA.


We will start by reducing federal financial aid, such as loans, but we may ultimately need to reduce institutional scholarships as well. (Scholarships have no impact on Pell Grant eligibility or amounts.) Institutional scholarships awarded above a student’s Cost of Attendance will be canceled and awarded to other deserving Cheyney students. All Cheyney students are provided an
estimated Cost of Attendance.


The Cost of Attendance is an estimated calculation of a student’s tuition
and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and miscellaneous/personal expenses for
the period of enrollment. The cost of attendance is reviewed each year.

Some scholarship programs may specify “direct cost only,” including costs for tuition and fees, books
and supplies, room and board; these awards will not generate a refund. Some scholarships are
designated as “emergency funds” and these awards are packaged after all eligibility is exhausted.

Emergency funds are only paid up to direct cost, and will not result in reducing federal financial aid and
loans. Such specifications for the packaging of student awards are to appear on the Cheyney website,
and are outlined in the Scholarship Master Grid.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)Students who wish to be considered for a Cheyney
University Scholarship, and who qualify for federal aid, are to complete a FAFSA. The FAFSA is required
for all need?based scholarship programs, and unless specified differently by the donor, “need” is
determined by the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) input requested). The FAFSA is not required for those students who do not qualify for federal aid (such as International Students).

Students who qualify for federal aid, but who do not complete the FAFSA are not guaranteed receipt of
merit?based scholarships. Students who do not complete the FAFSA, who are experiencing extenuating
circumstances may submit a formal appeal to the Scholarship Appeals Committee in order to be
considered for merit?based scholarships.

Scholarship Appeals Committee – Academic and Merit?based Awards
Students who receive academic or merit?based scholarships who do not complete the FAFSA (due to
extenuating circumstances) may submit a formal appeal. The appeal should clearly document the
circumstances impacting the student and outline the requested outcome. Cases will be heard by a
committee composed of faculty (identified through the faculty senate), representatives from student
affairs and the Dean of the Keystone Honors Academy. Faculty advisors and other “witnesses” may
submit information which may be considered by the committee. Upon review of a case, the committee
will vote, and submit recommendations to Chair of the Scholarship Committee. The final outcome of an
appeal may never over extend budgeted funds for a specific scholarship for a specific student.

Eligibility for renewable scholarships
Students receiving renewable scholarships are evaluated at the end of each spring semester to
determine if they are eligible for continuation of the scholarship into the next academic year. The
Scholarship Committee will check to see if students met minimum criteria while receiving the award
during the academic year. Students will need to review the award message attached to the scholarship
award and must be familiar with the renewal criteria of their scholarship.


In most cases students are required to maintain a certain GPA, complete a certain number of credits, and in some cases remain in an eligible major in order to renew their scholarship. Please note that repeated courses may not count
toward meeting minimum credit requirements. If a student does not meet the minimum requirements
to renew their scholarship, the scholarship will not be offered for the upcoming academic year. If a
student has extenuating circumstances that impact his or her scholarship renewal eligibility, an appeal
letter can be submitted to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee which explains and documents the
circumstances to be considered by the Appeals Committee.

Deferring Scholarships
In some circumstances, Cheyney University will defer a student’s scholarship(s) if a student's attendance
at Cheyney is interrupted for medical reasons, military deployment, church service, or other selected
reasons, provided that a student meets certain criteria. For a student’s scholarship(s) to be deferred, the
student must attend at least one full?time semester prior to his or her departure and meet the minimum
criteria for renewal of his or her scholarship(s) during the semester(s) he or she attends prior to leaving.

Enrollment at another College or University during the deferment period will result in an automatic
cancellation of the scholarship. To request a deferral, a student should submit a letter, prior to leaving
Cheyney, requesting the scholarship be held for a specified period of time. The letter must include when
the student is leaving, when he or she plans to return, and the reason for the deferment request. Our
general policy is that scholarships can be held for up to two academic years if approved.


Enrollment at another College or University during the deferment period will result in an automatic cancellation of the
scholarship. The letter should be submitted to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee. If a deferral is
required for medical reasons, military deployment, church service, or other selected reasons prior to
any Cheyney attendance, a deferral request to hold those funds is also required. The letter must include
when the student plans to return to Cheyney and the reason for the deferment request. Our general
policy is that scholarships can be held for up to two academic years and approval is dependent on the
availability of remaining scholarship funds. Enrollment at another College or University during the
deferment period will result in an automatic cancellation of the scholarship. The letter should be
submitted to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Many Cheyney scholarships require students to be enrolled in at least 12 credits. These scholarships will
disburse to a student as long as they meet all of the requirements for the award and are enrolled in at
least 12 credits. Students must also remain enrolled in at least 12 credits. On 10th day of each
semester the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will check the number of credits in which scholarship
recipients are enrolled. If a student has dropped enrollment below the 12 credit requirement, and full
time enrollment is required, the scholarship will be canceled.

Complete Withdraw Effect on Scholarships
If a student completely withdraws from Cheyney University prior to the close of the add/drop period,
any Cheyney scholarships will be canceled from the students account. If a student completely
withdraws from Cheyney University after the close of the add/drop period, the student can still receive
their scholarship to help cover any of the charges incurred for their time at Cheyney. If the student’s
fees are refunded or waived through a fee appeal, the scholarship will be canceled and the student will
not be allowed a refund from the scholarship funds. If this results in a balance owing to Cheyney, the
student is required to pay that money back to the University. Scholarship funds paid to an account,
regardless of whether a student has withdrawn, are considered payment for a semester of eligibility.
Depending on the award, withdrawal may negate a students’ eligibility for renewal of a scholarship.

Scholarships while on Education Abroad

If a student going on education abroad is currently receiving a scholarship from Cheyney, the
Scholarship Committee at Cheyney will evaluate if the scholarship can be used towards their education
abroad or if a deferment is required while they are away from the Cheyney campus. Prior to leaving
Cheyney the student must to write a letter to the Scholarship Committee telling them they are going on
exchange, where they are going on exchange, what type of exchange it is (direct, education abroad etc),
what type of renewable scholarships they have, and when they plan to return. The Scholarship
Committee will decide if the scholarship can be used while on exchange. The letter should be submitted
to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Tuition waivers are not eligible to be used while on most education abroad programs. They can be
used for direct exchange programs, but not other programs abroad. Prior to going on exchange the
student will need to write a request for deferral letter documenting why they need the scholarship
held. When the student returns from their exchange the Scholarship Committee will check to make sure
the student maintained the renewal requirements of the scholarship before it will be renewed on their
student account.

Outside Scholarships
If a student is named the recipient of a scholarship from a donor or source other than Cheyney, the
scholarship must still be processed through the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. Students and staff
must direct donors to send the scholarship check to the Office of the Bursar. Along with the check, the
donor should provide instructions related to rules and regulations required of the recipient in order to
receive the scholarship. The Bursar’s Office will send communication to the Scholarship Chair about
these transactions. Once the check is received it will be processed and put on the student’s account in a
timely manner. Students should allow 2 weeks to see the funds disburse to the student account.

Scholarship Criteria
Most Cheyney scholarships have criteria the recipient must meet in order to receive the scholarship. To
find these criteria, the student will need to review the application or the scholarship home page. The
award message will provide the pertinent information for the scholarship. Students should read this
message carefully and be aware of the requirements to maintain the scholarship. If the scholarship
requires the student to be in a certain major and the student changes majors, adjustments will be made
to the scholarship.

Donor Thank You Notes
Most Cheyney Scholarships are from funds provided by private donors. It is necessary for students to let
the donors know that the funds are appreciated. All students must send donors a thank you note!
Please visit the scholarship website for more information, and click on How to Thank Your Donor.

Student Athletes Receiving Scholarships
Student athletes who have been offered a scholarship should discuss the award with their coach to
determine whether or not the student athlete can accept the award. Per NCAA regulations, student
athletes are limited in the amount of institutional aid they can receive. Institutional aid includes both
athletic scholarships AND institutional academic scholarships.

Scholarship Notes/Disclaimer
“New freshmen” are students who enter Cheyney University after completing coursework at a regionally
accredited high school, a GED or a home school program. Students who take concurrent college credit
during high school are considered for new freshmen scholarships if they enter Cheyney University
immediately after high school completion.

Transfer students are students who have completed at least one college credit. Students who take
concurrent college credit during high school are considered transfer students if they do not enter
Cheyney University immediately after high school completion and apply to Cheyney University at a later
date. Transfer students who are still considered freshmen may be considered for scholarships which are
available to “second semester freshmen.”

Most Cheyney University scholarships require continuous enrollment at Cheyney University. The criteria
for credit completion, GPA and award amounts of each scholarship are detailed in the scholarship award

Some scholarships for new freshmen require enrollment at Cheyney immediately following the
completion of high school or its equivalent. Students who delay enrollment at Cheyney for a semester or
more will not be considered for these awards.

Unweighted high school GPA is used for all applicants from regionally accredited high schools for both
Cheyney University admission and scholarship awards.

Cheyney University does not require or consider for admission or scholarships the writing section score
of the ACT or SAT.

Transfer credits are evaluated based on a semester hour system.

Criteria and award amounts for Cheyney University scholarships are subject to change each academic