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Cheyney University Reaffirmation of Accreditation Preparations

Cheyney University is preparing for the upcoming reaffirmation visit by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). The University has put in place the needed resources and personnel to ensure a successful re-affirmation of accreditation. Our Self Study report is due in Fall 2013 and will be followed by the on-site review scheduled for Spring 2014.

Dr. Tamara Hollins, Associate Professor of English, and Dr. Sesime Adanu, Director of Institutional Research, were selected to co-chair the reaffirmation of accreditation process. Following Dr. Tamara Hollins decision to step down from the co-chair position at the end of the Fall 2012 semester, the faculty Union appointed Dr. Lynn H. Green, Associate Professor of Sociology, to transition into this role effective Spring 2013. Further to assist with the accreditation and continuous improvement efforts of the institution, Shayla Moore Prince was recruited as the University’s Coordinator for Accreditation and Continuous Improvement and began work in November 2012.

To date, the University has made significant progress in preparation for our review. This past summer, the co-chairs, Drs. Hollins and Adanu, in consultation with the Provost developed the Self-study design, which was approved by Middle States Vice President Dr. Mary Ellen Petrisko. The University will use the Comprehensive Model Self Study with an emphasis on student retention.

University President, Dr. Michelle R. Howard-Vital, appointed a Steering Committee to lead and provide meaningful input for the re-accreditation process. The Steering Committee deployed four working groups comprised of faculty, staff and administrators to help with the development of the University’s response to the MSCHE 14 standards of excellence. This Fall, the working groups have undertaken the process of completing a reflective audit of the University in each area and prepared a draft of their findings that is due to the Steering Committee at the end of the semester. Following this the Steering Committee will review the findings and provide a response to each working group that will help in the development of the self-study report.

Below is a list of the membership for the Steering Committee and Working Groups.

Steering Committee Members:

Sesime Adanu, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Director of Institutional Research

Adedoyin Adeyiga, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Director of NSF grant "Building Excellence and Access through Research"

Bernadette Carter, Ed.D., Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Christopher Barnes, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology

Vanessa Brantley, Ph.D., Coordinator, Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

Bradley Buchner, Ph.D., Department Chair of Social & Behavioral Science

Eric Coney, Student, SGA Legislator

Marietta D'Antonio Madsen, M.S., Department Chair of Humanities & Communication Arts

Norma George, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Foreign Languages

Ahn-yea Graham, SGA President

Lynn H. Green, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Associate Professor of Sociology

Eric Hilton, Ph.D., Director of Enrollment Management

Layna Holmes-Butler, CPA, Controller

Nancy L. Jones, M.Div., M.A., Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Tara Kent, Ph.D., Dean, Keystone Honors Academy

Shayla Moore Prince, Coordinator for Accreditation and Continuous Improvement

Donna Parker, Ed.D., Dean of the Faculty and Academic Schools

Jolly Ramakrishnan, M.A., Department Chair of Guidance & Counseling and Director of Act 101

Erika Shehata, Institutional Research Analyst

Brenda Shields, Registrar

Dr. Edward Tomezsko, Council of Trustees, Chancellor Emeritus, Penn State Brandywine

Sheilah D. Vance, Esquire, Chief of Staff and Deputy to the President

Robin Williams, Ed.D., Executive Director of University College

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