Feb 8 Wed

Black History Month Movie Event
Marian Anderson Auditorium
7:00 PM 

Feb 9 Thu

Empowerment & Awareness Training for Women
Carnegie Hall Great room
6:00 PM 

Feb 14 Tue

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Presentation
Marcus Foster Rm. 211
12:00 PM 

Feb 22 Wed
Feb 23 Thu

Healthy Relationships (Men Only)
Marcus Foster, Rm. 211
6:00 PM 

Feb 23 Thu

Healthy Relationships (Women Only)
Marcus Foster Auditorium
6:00 PM 

Mar 9 Thu

Finding your Passion in the field of Law
Carnegie, Great Room
6:00 PM 

Apr 8-12 Sat-Wed

Honda Nationals
12:00 AM 

Apr 20 Thu

Honors and Awards Convocation
Marian Anderson Auditorium
6:00 PM 

Apr 26 Wed

Literary Salon Featuring Special Guest Speaker
Marian Anderson Auditorium
5:00 PM