All students admitted into the Keystone Honors Academy are considered for a number of different scholarships. Every effort is made to match each member with a merit-based award, and can include one of the following:

The Honors Scholarship and the Keystone Scholarship

The Honors Scholarship and Keystone Scholarships at Cheyney University are competitively awarded scholarships for academically talented students who are admitted into the honors academy. Awards are made based on availability, and strength of students’ qualifications. The minimum criteria for consideration include:

  • Cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 (average is a 3.5)
  • Combined SAT scores of a 1000 (math + verbal) or 21 or higher ACT score
  • Completion of an essay and application (no fee)
  • Admission into Cheyney University
  • For the Keystone Scholarship, PA domicile (including US citizenship or permanent residency) 

To apply:

  • Complete an application to Cheyney University (submit transcripts)
  • Complete an application to the KHA
  • Direct materials to “Honors Recruiter,” Office of Admissions, or to Dr. Kent, Dean of the KHA
  • Students selected to receive the scholarship will be notified in writing.

The Scholarship Includes:

  • In-state tuition scholarship (A full last dollar scholarship, adjusted according to Financial Aid)
  • Room and board (double occupancy room and a 19 meal plan + flex points)
  • A book voucher
  • Fees associated with enrollment in the University
  • A lap top computer

The scholarships are automatically renewed for up to four years for each semester when students meet the obligations of the Academy. Failure to comply with the obligations of the Academy may result in dismissal from the program and loss of the scholarship. All students must comply with all obligations in the KHA and the following:

  • For the Keystone scholarship, students must maintain domicile in the state of Pennsylvania from the time of application through completion of your approved course of study and graduation from Cheyney University.
  • Participate in community service and/or volunteer with the Keystone Honors Academy. Service learning courses satisfy this requirement. Students must have community service on file with the KHA office.

The Humphreys Scholarship

The Humphreys Scholarship is awarded competitively to a limited number of students and is available to those students who qualify for admission to the Keystone Honors Academy. Benefits include:

  • Approximately $3,125 a semester applied to the cost of attendance at Cheyney.
  • A book scholarship
  • Full scholarship amount may be increased at the same percentage as the cost of attendance (if there is a 2% tuition increase, the scholarship may be increased 2% as well).

The scholarship may be renewed for up to four years for each semester when students meet the obligations of the Academy. Failure to comply with the obligations may result in dismissal from the Academy and loss of the Scholarship.