Authenticate to use library digital resources

When off campus, a Cheyney University Library user needs to be authenticated as a valid user to search the digital products the Library purchases.  At this time, a student, faculty member or staff member must have a 14 digit library barcode number in order to do this.  If one is on campus, in a building other than the Library, and an electronic resource (digital resource) does not open, please follow the same process below.

Click on the link for the database or resource desired.  If the location of the computer is not recognized as being within the IP ranges of Cheyney University, a patron authentication screen will open.  Use the Log in with your Library ID form.  Key in your 14 digit barcode number (ex. 21837000021387) with no spaces or dashes.  Key your last name into the box below the barcode.  

If the database or resource still does not open, call 610 399 2245 or 610 399 2062.  One can also e-mail Mary Hutchman, or BJ Mullaney,