Library catalogs

Using Library Catalogs:

Online catalog of print, government document and audio visual resources owned by the Library: Books published in 1979 or later (and some earlier books that have been reclassed), may be found via the Library‘s online catalog, PILOT. In the Library, the Library Homepage displays when one clicks on the Internet Explorer icon. If the Library Homepage does not come up, or, if accessing the Cheyney University website from a non-Library computer, to get the Library Homepage click "Academics" on the navigation bar under the University header and then click on “Library” in the left side navigation links.
To search the Library catalog, click either the text linkLibrary Catalog or text link "Vufind Library Catalog" on the Library Main Page.
The Library Catalog (Voyager) defaults to a Title search. (To do a search OTHER than a Title search, check the other types of searches listed under the words “Search by,” and highlight the type of search you want to do: Author, Subject, Call Number, or Keyword.) Type the search term(s) in the dialogue box under the words “Search For:” and then click the Search button in the middle of the screen to get the results.
Vufind defaults to a keyword search. Use the drop down menu to search a particular field in a library record such as author, title or subject. Enter search terms in the dialogue box.
Paper catalog: Books published in 1978 or earlier, may be found via the Library’s paper card catalog located on the Lower Level. Search the paper card catalog by Title, Author, and Subject.