Program Objectives

  • Providing current and future administrators with the necessary analytical problem- solving and critical thinking skills that will allow them to create and maintain public and private institutions that can best serve the Philadelphia region, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the nation;
  • Developing competent professionals prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century, including new technological developments;
  • Sensitizing graduates to the needs of diverse international communities and an increasingly international workforce;
  • Enhancing communication among diverse peoples in a global society;
  • Promoting effective teaching practices to enable students to become engaged, lifelong learners in an ever-changing society.
  • Students who graduate from the Cheyney University MPA program will be able to meet the following general learning objectives.
  • Apply good management practices to the introduction of change and development within an organization;
  • Comprehend the fiscal and other relevant relationships among governmental entities; Articulate and utilize ethical decision-making management procedures;
  • Understand public management within an international perspective;
  • Apply public administration principles to organizations;
  • Comprehend and utilize basic personnel management principles in a diverse workforce environment;
  • Utilize practical applications of theories of organizational behavior to public administration;
  • Write effective managerial documents;
  • Apply the analytical tools used in macro policy making to micro situations;
  • Present written and oral information in a professional manner
  • Demonstrate an understanding and utilization of the principles in public administration.