Program Requirements

During the first year of the Cheyney University MPA program, introductory intergovernmental and public policy courses introduce students to the theories and building blocks of public administration. These courses establish the governmental context in which public manager‘s work. Required first year courses also focus on the technical aspects of public management, such as GIS and quantitative decision-making skills. The remaining semesters emphasize practical applications of administrative theories and approaches through the internship and specialized concentration courses. In lieu of an internship, Executive MPA students will complete a special project through the Independent Study/Project course that demonstrates their ability to perform at a management level. This course will be completed in lieu of an internship paper.

The final MPA degree program requirement is a comprehensive examination designed to assess the student’s competencies with regard to the program’s learning objectives. The comprehensive exam may be a combination of oral and written questions.

  • 24 hours of core coursework (8 courses)
  • 9 credit hours of elective courses (depending on experience);
  • 6 credit hours for an internship (pre-professional students) or work experience (EMPA students) upon approval of the faculty:
  • Successful completion of a comprehensive exit exam – demonstrating knowledge and master in core and elective areas.
  • Obtain no less than 6 credit hours of their chosen concentration from Cheyney‘s MPA program.
  • MPA students may transfer up to 6 credit hours. Executive track MPA students will receive credit for no more than 12 hours in a combination of transfer and work experience credit.

Comprehensive Exam (0): Completion of a comprehensive examination testing the student’s knowledge of public administration principles.
Program Sequence

A full course load for graduate studies at Cheyney University ranges from 9 to 12 credit hours per semester. Therefore, full-time students can complete the MPA program within 1 ½ - 2 years, especially if they take courses over the summer. MPA students also may complete the sequence by taking advantage of both weekend and regular weekday classes. According to the NASPAA standards, public administration programs should offer courses that build skills in several areas, core curriculum components in public service and organizational management, the application of qualitative and quantitative techniques of analysis, and public policy. The recommended course sequence for full-time Cheyney University MPA students with the appropriate credit hours is as follows:

For those admitted conditionally - XPA 500 Effective Professional Communication