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Aquaculture Research and Education Laboratory (AREL)

Cheyney University has developed an academic/professional specialization for aquaculture (the culture and growing of aquatic animals and plants in controlled environments) research and education on its campus in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Aquaculture Research and Education Laboratory (AREL) is designed to help meet the education, extension, and research needs of this region and its critical waterways with the objective being to train individuals who can compete for professional jobs in various scientific arenas both in this country and abroad. Students now have an opportunity to major in Marine Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology or Aquaculture. Though the development of research programs in urban aquaculture and fish nutrition/physiology are its primary foci, aspects of marine and freshwater biology and ecology, and aquatic animal biology will provide part of the program’s foundation. AREL research will reach beyond our regional and national boundaries and will provide opportunities for the faculty and students to participate in research and outreach projects which will be conducted in partnership with academic, public, and private entities. Students taking part in these research opportunities will find themselves well prepared to compete for professional jobs in various scientific arenas both in this country and abroad while being part of an educational process whereby new and promising research results can be communicated to consumers, the scientific community, industry representatives, and other students.



Dr. Steven G. Hughes
Director of AREL and Professor of Biology
Aquaculture Research and Education Center
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
1837 University Circle, Box 200
Cheyney, PA 19319
Phone:  610-399-2400
Fax:  610-399-2596
Lab:  610-399-2520