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facilities and equipment

The Aquaculture Research and Education Center at Cheyney University currently has multiple recirculating systems located in either a 1500 ft2 greenhouse (Figure 1) or a 3000 ft2 wet laboratory (Figure 2) which was completed in March of 2006. The wet laboratory also includes a separate 200 ft2 aquarium room (Figure 3) which is dedicated to aquarium fish research. The facilities allow for the rearing of both tropical and cool/cold water species in a variety of tank configurations ranging from 1.6-L up to 1200-L. There are also dry laboratory facilities dedicated to both water quality analyses and fish physiological assessment and the center has the capability to mix and prepare research feeds.

A collaborative agreement has been forged between Cheyney University (AREC) and Herban Farms, LLC to construct a 12,000 sq. ft. hydroponic greenhouse (Figure 4). This project will support the commercial production of basil for Herban farms and fish for the university while also allowing the university to use the facility for student training and for conducting research on the economics of this system and on biological methods to increase the efficiency of production for both crops.

Figure 1 Aquaculture Greenhouse 







Figure 2 Proposed Wet Laboratory Layout








Figure 3. Aquarium Room








Figure 4. Aquponic Greenhouse