2011 Saving Our Boys Summer Leadership Development Institute Overview

Not another sob story.. August 10th- 14th, 2011

July 12, 2011

The objective S.O.B. (Saving Our Boys) Summer Leadership Development Institute’s mission is to provide opportunity, access and support to young boys of color in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Community. The goal is to not only motivate young boys to be great but empower them to live in greatness as well-adjusted citizens, professionals and contributors to their community.

The S.O.B. Summer Leadership Development Institute was developed to counteract the growing problems of increased dropout rates and decrease the prison epidemic of black males by providing a summer and yearlong leadership/mentorship development institute that addresses key areas of performance; personal, academic and social.

To address the aforementioned problems, a proactive approach will be taken by preparing the students with a tool kit & training for success. High School Males will participate in a week long residential life experience (August 10th-14th) at Cheyney University that exposes them to; goal setting, mentor leadership development, college preparedness, SAT preparation and pre-professional skills. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in recreational activities as follows; swimming, tennis, golf, basketball, football and other activities. In order to foster team building and team work, students will be lead through various team building activities each morning after meditation.

Participants will be challenged to expand their notions of success, hard work, discipline, manhood, leadership and personal development throughout the institute with pre-service teachers of the Call Me MISTER Teacher Leadership Program of Cheyney University and graduates who are fully certified in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The summer institute and ongoing campaign throughout the year will begin to repair the vision and future of boys of color and begin to answer the ongoing cry of “Who will save our children”.

All application materials should be mailed or delivered by Friday, July 15th 2011 to the address below. If you have any questions, please contact the Call Me MISTER Teacher Leadership Office at 610.399.2143 and reference the S.O.B. Summer Leadership Development Institute. If accepted, students will receive a packet and email listing items to bring, along with other needed information no later than July 22nd .

Students will receive the following items upon arrival and departure from the institute; SAT preparation materials, polo, t-shirt, book bag, “Visions for a Black Man” by Naiim Akbar, dream board, Journal (holds daily writing activities and reflections), resume folder of all speakers, certificate of achievement, college application waivers, school supplies, gift certificates to local book stores and a pre-loaded USB drive with information from the institute.

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Call Me MISTER Teacher Leadership Program/ SOB Summer Institute
1837 University Circle
Cheyney, PA 19319