2012 Chester County TechTrek Brings Focus On Informational Technology Centers To Cheyney University On April 17

April 6, 2012

The Chester County Economic Development Council’s Information Technology Action Group (ITAG) presents the 2012 ITAG TechTrek event.  Cheyney University’s Center for Career and Professional Development is hosting the TechTrek event on April 17, 2012, in the Duckrey Social Science Building Auditorium, from 3 to 6 PM. The presenting companies are: QVC, Unisys, USLI, (United States Liability Insurance) and Intern U.

The employers’ “TechTrek” presentations will focus on what their companies do, how Informational Technology is applied to run their businesses, and the vast variety of Tech related jobs within their companies.  The focus of TechTrek is not a career fair, but rather an educational opportunity to focus on what people can do with an IT related degree in  such majors as Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems and Technology, Management Information Systems, Graphic / Media Arts Design, Networking, IT Security and Forensics.

The agenda for the day will be:
3:00 Registration in Duckrey Social Science Building Auditorium at Cheyney University
3:15 Welcome by ITAG, the Innovative Technology Action Group
3:20 Welcome by our host Cheyney University
3:30 Unisys Presentation
4:00 USLI presentation
4:30 QVC presentation

5:00 Intern U presentation
5:30 Networking with employers and prize give-away

All undergraduates and graduate students and very recent alumni with technical majors are welcome.  In the past, prizes have included digital devices and one- on-one meeting between a winning student and one of the presenting companies IT Executives to be scheduled at a future date.  Past attendees have commented about how valuable the event was for them, and how it provided information about learning new ways to apply their education, making adjustments in their course selection, and job pursuits that will improve their opportunities to land the exciting, fun and well paid jobs that they seeking.