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October 28, 2012

The Cheyney Police Department is issuing the following warning to all students, staff, faculty and visitors:

  • Please take all precautionary measures to ensure your safety. 
  • Students are encouraged to leave the campus as soon as possible and evacuate to a friend or family's home outside of the path of the Hurricane.
  •   The area around Cheyney's campus is subject to frequent flooding on Rt 926 and Cheyney Road -  this may prevent incoming or outgoing traffic, so if you can leave, please do so as soon as possible.
  • Classes are cancelled for Monday October 29th and Tuesday October 30th.

The storm will start tomorrow (Sunday) and continue through Wednesday. The high point - will be 74 MPH winds beginning at 11 PM Monday night (or sooner) and will continue at 74 MPH into Tuesday morning - afternoon Winds of 50 MPH may continue for 30 hours afterward.  

 Significant flooding and damage from downed wires and trees may occur and be hazardous and impede rescue and response.  Please do NOT venture outside in this storm. 

The Cheyney Police Department is on full alert and will be fully staffed during this emergency.