CU Modeling Troupes Hold Fall Fashion Show Extravaganza

Shavon Thompson

September 22, 2012

New Heritage Model: Shakia Canty

New Heritage Model: Shakia Canty


On September 19, Cheyney University hosted a Fashion Show extravaganza for all of the modeling troupes on campus. The elaborate show included models from Mature Addiction, New Heritage Modeling Agency, Iconic Modeling Entertainment, and Modern Men. With nonstop entertainment, the show didn’t miss a beat. The music complimented the movements of the beautiful models. Everyone had their positions and played them well. From the complex choreography to the elegant dresses and the impressive head pieces, the show was a big success.
Cheyney University’s modeling troupes will continue to showcase contemporary moves and fashion with appealing shows every semester. These highly creative groups work diligently to please the crowd while maintaining their positive image as professional models on campus.
For more information about upcoming fashion shows, watch for emails and flyers posted throughout Cheyney University's campus.