CU Partners with Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Zoo CREW Scholarship Fund Program

May 29, 2013

Cheyney University has recently committed to participate in a matching  scholarship  program with the Albert M. Greenfield Foundation. The Foundation will match scholarship support for high school students who are participating in the Philadelphia Zoo's award-winning Zoo Champions for Restoring Endangered Wildlife (Zoo CREW) program which serves under-served youth from the Philadelphia area. The scholarship program will total $1million over the next 10 years.  

High school students who meet Cheyney University's academic standards and participate in the Philadelphia Zoo's three-year Zoo CREW program may be eligible for $5000 in matching annual Albert M. Greenfield Foundation scholarships toward Cheyney University tuition.

Associate Professor/Director of Aquaculture, Dr. Stephen Hughes, is serving as liaison to the program on behalf of Cheyney University. “The Philadelphia Zoo CREW program is preparing students for exciting career possibilities in the animal husbandry sciences.  We are confident that Cheyney University’s new Science Facility and our growing  STEM programs will mesh well with what they have been learning at the Philadelphia Zoo.”  Hughes also noted, “It is more than likely that any of these outstanding high school students will qualify for Cheyney University’s Keystone Honors Academy.  The Academy has and continues to serve as a source of inspiration to all of our students in their efforts to discover new intellectual interests, cultural enrichment and it also helps to provide the tools that will foster lifelong learning.”

Zoo Champions for Restoring Endangered Wildlife (Zoo CREW), formerly the Junior Zoo Apprentice Program (JZAP), is a three-year immersive hands-on program that inspires and guides teens, primarily from lower-income households, in conservation action. Through the program, teens will create and complete a multi-layered project to engage and encourage others in making a direct positive impact on an endangered animal species.

Throughout the three-year program, participants learn about animal handling, husbandry, and presentation skills, participate in workshops,training in wildlife and environmental issues, and off-site excursions to help protect animals and habitats. Other activities include a conservation action project that engages others to help an endangered animal species and “Save our Species” community outreach presentations to both educate and inspire conservation action in and around the community. The program also offers oone-on-one college counseling sessions, science and conservation career development events and an opportunity to apply for paid stipend conservation work at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Scholarships at Cheyney University serve the purpose of providing financial support to students who
have shown meritorious conduct, and are reserved for students with special qualifications, such as
academic, athletic or artistic talent. Scholarships are intended to promote the recruitment and
retention of high achieving and talented students. In keeping with the purpose of scholarships at
Cheyney University, the committee is to act within the intent of any given award, and in accordance
with the wishes of donors when making awards (which may include need).

The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation was created  in 1953. It reflected his personal ideals of service, the dignity of mankind, and the preservation of individual and civil liberties. Emphasizing grants in arts and culture, education, human services, and civic initiatives, Mr. Greenfield’s original ideals have been continuously reaffirmed and updated for contemporary relevance by succeeding generations of Foundation trustees. The Foundation’s primary goal is to strengthen the fabric of community life in the City of Philadelphia.