Cheyney Grad Helps Audiences Relive their School Days with Hip Web Sitcom "We're Just Talking"

Show provides a modern spin on college life; "brings back the funny".

August 19, 2011

Cast of new web sitcom based on college life,

Cast of new web sitcom based on college life, "We're Just Talking"

Cheyney, Pennsylvania, July 28, 2011 — Eighteen years after last witnessed the unique experience of the black college campus, writer Cedric Perry looks to prove HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) are still “A Different World”.

25 year-old author and Cheyney University alum, Cedric Perry, steps into a new arena with his new web sitcom, “We’re Just Talking.” The show features Cheyney University students and gives an entertaining, yet insightful, I look at modern day black culture, shown through the eyes of two college roommates from separate walks of life.

“The objective of the show is to highlight the strengths and opportunity areas of the African-American community,” says Perry. ‘We’re Just Talking’ is designed to introduce a deeper outlook of my generation to those not familiar, and reinforce our objectives to those who are.”

“We’re Just Talking” (WJT) also highlights the varying personalities and relationships amongst African-Americans. Whether through outlandish quips from trendy nerd Derrick Combs (played by Kyle Morris), or the cat-mouse relationship of suburban product Andre Hawkins and campus “fashionista” Melyssa King (Stefan Matthews and Courtney Nicole Dean, respectively), the show truly captivates its audience. More importantly, the show has a cause. WJT is a call to action for African-Americans to support their own products, sustain negativity, and succeed despite difficult odds.

Perry states that the show has taught him such, and filming it is one of his most enjoyable experiences. “I love doing the show,” he expresses. “The cast is great, and when people see the characters, they will indulge.”

With the first show successfully premiering on August 15th, Perry looks to film the remainder of the season. He feels fully confident that once the show hits, people will start talking about “We’re Just Talking.”

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