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Cheyney Police Blotter - 11-29-10

November 29, 2010


11/19/2010 01:50 - Cheyney Police were dispatched to Tubman Hall for a large fight.  While police were dispersing the crowd, police received information that the crowd was heading toward King Hall to possibly fight again.  A large group of males, (non-students) entered the building after hours and refused to show identification.  Cheyney Police found 6 black males in a room at King Hall on an all female floor.  All 6 males were processed at Police Headquarters and citations issued.
11/18/2010 20:59 - Cheyney Police were dispatched to Yarnall Hall for a complaint of theft.  The complainant indicated his Play Station was stolen from his room which was unlocked.  The complainant was advised never to leave his room unlocked.
11/19/2010 17:39 - Cheyney Police were dispatched to Ada George Dining Hall for a report of a fight.  Upon polic arrival, they spoke with the Chef who indicated an altercation had occured with several females.  As the chef approached the females, one started to curse at him and she refused to leave.  Police located the female who indicated that the earlier altercation had been brewing since August and one of the females called her out and she stated she was not going to back down.  The female student was issued a non-traffic Citation for Disorderly Conduct and released. 
11/21/2010 01:15  - Cheyney Police were dispatched to the front Main Gate to assist an officer from Westtown Goshen on a vehicle stop.  During the course of the vehicle investigation, a black male approached the vehicle and stood several feet away from the officer conducting the vehicle stop.  The male was requested to vacate the area and refused.  The male had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and again was advised by police to vacate the area and he refused.  He was issued a citation for Public Drunkeness and released into the custody of an adult. 
11/21/2010 01:46  - Cheyney Police were dispatched to King Hall Highway to investigate loud music coming from a parked vehicle.  Upon police arrival, they observed a vehicle driving in a reckless manner.  Upon further investigation, it was determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol, and was taken into custody, arrested and charged accordingly. This suspect was not a Cheyney student.
11/21/2010 13:04  - Cheyney police, while on patrol in King Hall, observed a fire alarm activiation set off byt he smoke detector in the King Hall Lounge area.  Heavy smoke was coming from the kitchen area.  Upon further investigation it was determined that a small grease fire was started from students cooking chicken.  The fire was put out immediately.  For precautionary measures, all students were evacuated from the building and Concordville Fire Company was dispatched.  All areas were found to be safe.  No fire extinguishers or hoses had to be used, Concordville Fire Company utilized a fan to blow the smoke out of the student lounge area. 
11/22/2010 15:18 - Cheyney Police recevied a complaint that a right rear tailight on the complainants vehicle was broken while parked in Tubman Hall parking lot.  Complainant also stated her right rear tire was slashed on 11-16-10 in the same location.  This incident is under investigation.
11/22/2010 16:33 - Cheyney Police, while on patrol of King Hall observed a loud crash and an object bounce off the roof of a vehicle.  A steel cylindrical object was confiscated from the grass area outside of Wearing Hall and was determined to be the object that struck the vehicle.  No pedestrians indicated they witnessed the object thrown at the vehicle.  Detectives collected the evidence for processing and investigation.
11/22/2010 18:19 - Cheyney Police were dispatched to Yarnall Hall for a fire alarm activation.  Upon police arrival, the activation point was the 3rd floor south and the floor was completely filled with white smoke.  Police determined the smoke was from 2 used fire extinguishers in the hallway and inside of a room on the third floor.  Fire department was dispatched and all occupants were evacuated.  No fire was found. 
11/22/2010 20:46 - Cheyney Police were dispatched to a room in Tubman Hall for a complaint of a student who had a severe headache.  An ambulance was dispatched and the student was transported to Riddle Hospital for further evaluation.  
11/23/2010 12:43 - Cheyney Police were dispatched to Ada George Dining Hall for a disturbance.  Upon police arrival, the complainant indicated a student failed to provide photo identification and was denied access to the facility.  Another student became involved and became verbally abusive toward the complainant and threatened her with harm.  Police observed the student shouting obscenities and informed the student of CU's policy to show identification.  A non-traffic citation for Disorderly Conduct was issued.
11/23/2010 - Cheyney Police received a complaint at Headquarters of a hit and run in the rear of Tubman Hall.  Police investigated and observed the damage on both vehicles.   
11/27/2010 05:20 - Cheyney Police while on patrol of Yarnall Hall, observed a 1st floor window screen open and a suspicious vehicle now parked in Yarnall Hall parking lot.  Police conducted an interior check of the building and found  an unauthorized black male in the dorm.  The male was escorted out of the building and charged accordingly.                                                        
11/29/2010 - Cheyney Police were dispatched to Yarnall Hall for a loud party.  Upon arrival, police heard female voices coming from a room in the all male dorm after visiting hours ended.  Police observed two females in the room, one of which would not cooperate with police.  Neither of the two females were students at Cheyney.  The one female struggeled and would not cooperate.  Both were taken into custody and charged with Criminal Trespass.  The non-complying female was charged with Disorderly Conduct as well.