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Cheyney Police Blotter for Week ending 12-5-10

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December 6, 2010


11/29/2010 19:48  - Cheyney Police responded to Tubman Hall for a complaint of difficulty breathing. Student had forgotton her medical equipment at home. Student contacted her mother and Cheyney Police requested dispatch of an ambulance to transport student to Riddle Hospital.
 11/29/2010 20:56  - Cheyney Police were dispatched to Truth Hall for a complaint of persons smoking marijuana. Cheyney Police requested the RA to respond who confirmed with police. The RA arrived and then keyed into the room. The room was occupied by three persons. A window fan was in use and all three occupants had red and glassy eyes. All three were students at Cheyney. Marijuana paraphernalia and residue was visible in the room. All three occupants acknowledged they were smoking marijuana. Cheyney police explained all three would be receiving a Judicial.
11/30/2010 08:20 - Cheyney Police received information from TEAM CLEAN of a found simulated weapon in Yarnall Hall located in a trash can. The weapon was turned over to the Detective Division for further investigation.         
11/30/2010 13:41 -  Cheyney Police were dispatched to the Fitness Center, room #117, inside the Marcus Foster building for a disturbance. Upon arrival, police spoke with the complainants who indicated a male was threatening them. The male subject then got into a physical altercation with the female complainant. This matter is under investigation.
11/30/2010 19:23 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to King Hall for an odor of marijuana. Cheyney Police and the RA detected where the odor was coming from and knocked on the room door. Inside the room, the smoke detector was covered with a cloth. Marijuana and drug paraphernalia was visible inside the room. Both occupants were transported to Cheyney Police and processed.
12/02/2010 08:06 – Cheyney Police while on patrol, were contacted by a facilities groundskeeper who presented police with a key ring found. Property was turned over to dispatch.         
12/02/2010 19:08 – Cheyney Police, while on routine patrol, observed a hole in the drywall on the landing of the 2nd floor steps in Burleigh Hall. The damaged area was observed by an employee around noon. Police Dispatch was contacted and a work order to Facilities was submitted. 
12/02/2010 19:39 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to Tubman Hall for a possible assault. The report was called in by the mother of a student. Upon police arrival, they located the student and she stated there was no problem and she did not need police. Upon further investigation, police found that the student was involved in a verbal altercation with her boyfriend at Yarnall Hall but she stated nothing physical occurred. No physical injuries were observed on the victim. Police then went to Yarnall to speak to the boyfriend. Upon police arrival to Yarnall, police observed several students in the hallway cleaning up debris. Witnesses stated the female victim was in a verbal altercation with her boyfriend and then threw all the room contents on the hallway floor. Police then contacted the complainant, the mother of the female student and advised her of the findings. 
12/03/2010 00:30 – Cheyney Police responded to a report of a large and loud party on the 2nd floor of Truth Hall. Upon police arrival, a large crowd of people (approx. 12 to 15) were trying to rush the front door. Police advised everyone to go outside the building and reenter only with their valid student IDs that they live in this Dorm.  A female in the crowd stated she did not have an ID. She was requested to step aside while those with IDs gained entrance. Those that did not have ID’s would have to wait until their residency was verified. The female then began to make derogatory comments and refused to step aside. Police requested several times for her to step aside. She refused and stated that she would not step aside. The female was then advised by police she would be arrested if she did not comply. She refused. She was then arrested and taken into custody. As she was being taken into custody, she became physically combative, striking police several times. A large group gathered around police and attempted to pull on police and pull the female away from police. She was taken to Headquarters and processed.
12/03/2010 16:30 – Cheyney Police while on patrol, found a student ID card. Information listed for the student in Power Campus is no longer valid. Police contacted the RA of Tubman Hall where the student lives, and found she is away for the weekend. Student was advised to contact Cheyney Police upon her return home to retrieve the ID.
12/04/2010 01:40 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to Yarnall Hall for a notification of a fire alarm pulled. Police responded and proceeded to the source of the alarm which was the South Stairwell pull station. The entire building was checked and no smoke or fire was found. Pull station was checked and reset. Students were allowed to return to the building.
12/04/2010 01:55 - Cheyney Police were dispatched to King Hall for a report of a door that was kicked in. Police arrived on location and made contact with the residents of the room. Residents reported that at midnight, they had an altercation with another resident and told her to leave their room. The other resident reportedly kicked in the door. Damage sustained to the extent that the door is split and the lock section is bent. This incident is under investigation.
12/04/2010 22:30 – Cheyney Police, while in patrol of the area of Westtown Road in a marked police car, a red SUV was observed to be tailgating and driving at a high rate of speed. The vehicle came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the roadway to engage in conversation with another vehicle. Cheyney Police made contact with the driver of the red SUV and observed he had red glassy eyes and detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. As police attempted to enter the vehicle information into the system, the driver started to pull away. The vehicle then stopped again, and the driver started to argue with police and attempted to leave again. Police called for assistance and attempted to take the driver into custody. The driver struggled with police, yelled to the female passenger to video the event and screamed at the bystanders starting to gather around. He was taken into custody, transported to police headquarters and processed. Vehicle was towed and owner was notified.
12/05/2010 20:00 – Cheyney Police responded to King Hall for a fire alarm activation. Upon arrival, students and staff were evacuating the building. Fire Panel read 3rd floor Room 312 - smoke detector activation. Upon arrival to the room, police discovered incense burning and a fire extinguisher was discharged in the room and on the bed. Fire Department was called and Concordville Fire Company responded to evaluate the scene. A heat detector was used in the room and determined that something on the bed was previously on fire. All trash cans, bathrooms and walls were checked and found to be clear. Police spoke with the student who stated he had some incense burning in his room and left them unattended. Student was advised he would be issued a Judicial for this incident.
12/05/2010 20:50 – Cheyney Police responded to Yarnall Hall for a fire alarm activation. Upon arrival, students were evacuating the building. The fire panel read 2nd floor pull station north. There was no fire or smoke coming from the building. Pull station was reset, area checked and all found to be clear.