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Cheyney Police Blotter

Summary of the Daily Log for Police Calls from November 5, 2010 to November 18, 2010

November 19, 2010

11/18/2010 00:05 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to Yarnall Hall for a large fight out. Upon arrival, the fight appeared to be over. However, there was a large number of people (approximately 125 to 150) still loitering in the area still yelling back and forth in a hostile manner. Also observed were broken pieces of furniture and a large plate glass freshly broken out of the front of Yarnall Hall. Police attempted to disperse the crowd outside while Police inside searched for injuries and damage. One male refused to disperse and was taken into custody and transported to Police Headquarters. He was issued a Criminal Citation. This matter is under investigation.

 11/17/2010 12:46 – Cheyney Police while on routine patrol, observed a male subject walking through the restricted construction area. Suspect was transported to police headquarters for processing and was cited for Criminal Trespass. 
11/16/2010 20:41 Cheyney Police responded to a report of theft in a Dorm. This matter is currently under investigation.
 11/16/2010 16:34 - Cheyney Police, while on routine patrol,  conducted a patrol check of Tubman Hall Dorm. Suspected illegal narcotics and paraphernalia were in the room. This matter is currently under investigation. 
11/16/2010 17:32 Cheyney Police were dispatched to Bailey Hall for a report of a theft of money from a purse.   This matter is under investigation.
11/15/2010 16:21 Cheyney Police were dispatched regarding an altercation which took place earlier this day. It was reported that an unknown male, staying in the room of a female student has engaged in physical altercations with the female and frequently smokes illegal narcotics. This matter is under investigation.
11/14/2010 17:48 - Cheyney Police were dispatched for a report of a suspicious white female sitting inside the Truth Hall in the lobby area.  Police asked the female for identification and she supplied a New Jersey State Identification card.  The female  seemed disoriented and confused. Although she was cooperative she seemed distracted by her surroundings.  She was not a Cheyney Student.  Police made contact with her family and was  then transported by ambulance to Riddle Hospital. Cheyney Police notified her father of her whereabouts.
11/12/2010 19:08 – Cheyney Police responded to a Fire Alarm activation at Yarnall Hall. All students were evacuated. Police went to the activation point of the alarm on the 1st floor. As police approached the area, the smell of suspected marijuana smoke was coming from the area and visible in the hallway. Police determined the smoke was coming from a specific room and entered the room. The window was open and the room was heavy with marijuana smoke. Found in plain view was illegal drug paraphernalia. This matter is currently under investigation. 
11/13/2010 23:25 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to the Marian Anderson Parking Lot for a report of a hit and run of a parked vehicle. This matter is currently under investigation.
  11/12/2010 21:04 – Cheyney Police were assigned to a special detail in the rear of Tubman. While on special assignment, Police observed two students  attempting to exit the enclosed secure area of the construction site. This area is strictly off limits. After securing identification information, the students were advised that they would receive citations for defiant trespass and would be referred for a Judicial in reference to this incident.
11/13/2010 17:00 – Cheyney Police while on routine patrol of Tubman Hall, heard a male voice coming from a room. Visitation was prohibited and this is a female dorm. Police knocked on the door and two females stated there weren’t any males in the room. Upon further questioning, the female then indicated the male was hiding in the closet. A male who was prohibited from being on Campus was located in the room. As police attempted to handcuff him and place him into custody, he forcefully pushed his way out the door and ran. Police searched unsuccessfully and could not locate him. This matter is currently under investigation.
11/12/2010 21:19 Cheney Police were dispatched to Cope Hall for a report of a stolen wallet that was left in the pants of a student playing basketball. This matter is currently under investigation.
11/12/2010 23:24 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to Yarnall Hall for a report that a subject threatened to shoot the complainant following an earlier incident. The complainant indicated the suspect came in his room and had a verbal disagreement over possible missing items. Suspect refused to leave the room. The complainant indicated he grabbed a hammer and the suspect stated he would go get a “real hammer” indicating the suspect may have a firearm. The suspect was located in his room and was visibly intoxicated. He admitted he threatened the complainant but did not actually have a firearm, that he was just talking stuff because he was mad at some personal issues. This matter is under investigation.
11/12/2010 04:07 – Cheyney Police while on routine patrol of campus grounds ,  received a call from dispatch  for a fire alarm activation on the 6th floor of Truth Hall. Upon arrival Police were greeted by the Dorm Director and other members of the RA staff   Police proceeded to go to the 6th floor and evacuate all students according to Residence Life policy. Once Police arrived on the 6th floor it was  immediately noticed that the pull station on the south side of the Corridor had been pulled. The actor/actors were gone on arrival. The alarm was reset and all students were allowed back into dormitory.            
11/12/2010 01:24 – Cheyney Police were on routine patrol when dispatched to King Hall 7th floor for a report of an RA smelling what she believed to be paper burning in the hall way. Upon arrival Cheyney Police met another Cheyney Police officer who was conducting Fire Watch rounds. Both Police Officers along with the RA searched the floor and found inside the trash receptacle what looked like paper which had water poured over it. It was determined by Police that no Fire/smoke was observed and relayed the information back to dispatch and resumed patrol of campus grounds and buildings.
11/11/2010 15:53 – Cheyney Police were on patrol when they were dispatched to King Hall Dorm, in reference to a call received via Police Dispatch of a suspicious condition. The caller stated a strong odor of marijuana was coming from the area possibly marijuana smoke, coming out of the window of a room.  As Police announced their arrival, another Cheyney Police Officer transmitted he was in a room with the Dorm Director. When Police exited the elevator they smelled an extremely strong odor of suspected marijuana coming from the area and observed a hazy smoke filling the hallway. Police entered the room and observed seven(7) students in the room, along with the Dorm Director and another Police Officer.  The students stated they were smoking marijuana but did not have any more. Police advised that if they found paraphernalia, they will be arrested. One student came forth and indicated he was in possession of several bags of marijuana. The suspect stated he was a student at Cheyney but did not live on Campus. All students were issued Criminal Citations. Two bags of suspected marijuana were field tested positive and confiscated.
 11/11/2010 14:37 74 - While on patrol, Cheyney Police were presented with a found article from an anonymous complainant. The article, a key was found out front of King Hall. The article was forwarded to the Police Dispatch office.
11/11/2010 02:40 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to take a report of a stolen laptop from the Security Station. The Security Officer went to the restroom, and someone took his laptop. This incident is currently under investigation.
11/10/2010 18:17 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to the Snack Bar Lounge. Upon arrival a student was observed sitting on a chair disoriented. The student indicated he hadn’t eaten in a few days. Another student informed Police that he had fallen twice. EMS was called and the student was transported to Riddle Hospital. 
11/08/2010 10:00 ­– Cheyney Police were dispatched to Yarnall Hall for a report of harassment. A roommate of a student allowed another student to enter the room unannounced. The student refused to allow him access so the uninvited student began to force himself into the room. A verbal altercation was started and then a student indicated he had to pick up an iron to scare the other student away. This matter is under investigation. 
11/09/2010 02:43 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to Tubman Hall  for a report of males climbing in the second floor window. Upon arrival Police began patrolling the floor and apprehended the students. All involved in the altercation, were escorted from the building and charged with Trespassing and other related charges. 
11/08/2010 20:50 Cheyney Police were dispatched to the front of Tubman Hall for a large group getting ready to fight. Upon police arrival, Police noticed a large group fight with several males and females involved. Cheyney Police separated the group and took two individuals into custody. It was discovered that the altercation was initiated over a conversation on FaceBook.  Both students were transported to Police Headquarters for further processing. One suspect was not a student at Cheyney. She was picked up from Headquarters and removed from the Campus. All are cited for Disorderly Conduct. During the incident, a Cheyney Police officer received a minor injury.
11/08/2010 17:06 – Cheyney Police were on a patrol check of Tubman Hall when they were dispatched to Tubman for removal of a student who was suspended from Campus and in the company of another student in her room. Both students were taken into custody and transported to Police Headquarters for further processing. The suspended student was cited for Trespass and released. The other student acknowledged she was aware of the suspension of the other female and was aware that Police were looking for her. She was advised that she will receive a Judicial in reference to her involvement in the incident. 
 11/08/2010 14:45 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to Cope Hall for a head injury. Upon arrival, Police observed the injured subject,  who appeared disoriented when asked simple questions. Several witnesses stated that during a basketball game, the victim was accidentally struck in the back of the head by an elbow. Cheyney Police had Paramedics respond who evaluated and transported the victim to Riddle Hospital by Concordville Ambulance.
11/08/2010 12:50 - While on routine patrol, Cheyney Police were presented with two identification cards of a female student from a passerby. The student was contacted and advised how to retrieve her identification cards.
11/08/2010 03:12 – Cheyney Police were on routine patrol when they were dispatched to the back of Tubman Hall construction gate in report of males climbing over the fence. Upon arrival Police observed a male coming towards the side of the corner in a restricted area. The subject refused to comply and will be charged with Trespassing and receive a Judicial referral for violations.
11/07/2010 21:32 – Cheyney Police were dispatched to Truth Hall for a male verses female domestic. Upon police arrival they met the female in her room. Several other students heard the disagreement and supplied statements. The female was moved to another Dorm for the evening. Both parties were advised not to have contact for the rest of the evening.
11/07/2010 01:19 Cheyney Police were dispatched to Tubman Hall for a report of a disturbance. A female student complained that her ex-boyfriend was in her room and would not leave, had her keys and would not give them back. Police approached him and advised him he was not allowed inside the building and to return her keys. He complied. He was then escorted out of the building and advised he would receive a Judicial for violation of the Student Code of Conduct. He was also advised if he returned, he would receive criminal charges. He was escorted to his Dorm.   
At 0130hrs Cheyney Police received another call from dispatch that the subject returned. He again refused to leave. Upon police arrival, the subject was gone. Cheyney Police conducted a sweep of the building and could not locate the subject. Cheyney Police Dispatch then notified Police that a subject matching the description had just left the building. Police were then dispatched to the subjects dorm. He will be charged with violations of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code as well as receive a Judicial referral for violation of the Student Code of Conduct. 
11/06/2010 11:04 Cheyney Police were stopped on Westtown Road by an elderly white male who stated that he found a wallet in the middle of the street. He looked through the wallet and noticed it had a Cheyney ID in it so he brought it to Campus to give it to a Police Officer. At the time, he did not realize it was stolen. The owner of the wallet arrived at Police Headquarters to retrieve the wallet. He reported that his new up-to date Cheyney ID was missing as well as his ATM card. A report was filed.
11/06/2010 03:52 Cheyney Police were dispatched to Tubman Hall for a report from Security that two males were exiting the Dorm after hours. The two males were wearing black jackets one of which was leather. While enroute, Cheyney Police were notified by Security in Yarnall that two suspects matching the description were trying to gain entrance into Yarnall Hall. Police arrived and escorted the subjects to police headquarters where they were informed that both would be receiving a Judicial.   
11/05/2010 12:35  Cheyney Police responded to a complaint from a student that she was followed from Ada George Dining Hall to her Dorm by an unknown white male with gray hair wearing a two tone blue jacket and blue jeans. The male then turned onto Creek Road. Police aggressively patrolled the area with negative results.
11/05/2010 00:35  - While conducting a walkthrough of Yarnall Hall, Cheyney Police observed a group of males standing in the hallway. As police approached them they could smell a strong odor emanating in the corridor. They followed the odor to a room where a group of males were standing. Upon further investigation and in plain sight on the night stands of both occupants was a green leafy substance commonly known as marijuana the contraband was seized and both students were transported to Police Headquarters were they were processed for citations and Judicial referrals.