Class of 1963 Reunites at Commencement

May 18, 2013

The Class of 1963 presented a check for $10,000 to Cheyney University in honor of it's 50th reunion.

The Class of 1963 presented a check for $10,000 to Cheyney University in honor of it's 50th reunion.

The Class of 1963 was reunited on Saturday, May 18 at Cheyney University's Commencement program. Although clouds were hovering in the skies, the reunion began in a sunny mood as old friends were reunited in the Burleigh Hall conference room.

After posing for a class portrait outside of the building, they assembled to lead the procession toward the Commencement ceremonies. Following Alumni Director Gregory Benjamin, the Class lead the procession of the President, Deans, Vice Presidents and other members of the Cheyney family up the Quadrangle. Opposite Emlen Hall, the procession merged with the lineup of Cheyney University seniors and proceeded toward the stage.

As is the custom, the 50th anniversary class occupies a place of honor in the front rows to enjoy a close look at the excited new graduates. The class is also the first to link hands and sing the  Alma Mater at the conclusion of the program.

A lovely lunch in Carnegie Hall Great Room followed with greetings offered by Cheyney University President Michelle R. Howard-Vital, Miss Cheyney - Janelle McKelvey, and guest speaker- 1963 class member Jean Sutherland Walton. Ralph Patterson, Sr. presented a Class Gift of $10,000 to the University.

Class members who attended included Larry Jackson, Jacqueline Peace, Adolphus Williams, Hermine O.Burris, Howard Jennings, Robert Smallwood, Alice Portlock, Howard P. Jennings , Evelyn Jackson , Henry Cooper, Annie Wright Kershaw, Ralph F. Patterson, Audrey Miller, Rose Stewart Boger, Edith Pridgen Williams, Shirley Taylor Maddrey, Lola Thomas Lawrence , Jan Sutherland Walton, Norma T. Avery, Larry Jack, Phyllis Wyche Brown, Rose P. Boyer, Bill Calmer, Catherine Hurst Finley, and Carolyn Dillon Carter.

Cheyney memories were shared by Howard Jennings and Shirley Taylor Maddrey, and a roll call for class members who had passed was particularly touching.