Congratulations to the New Miss and Mr. Cheyney - India Marie Cross and Rashaad Washington

Shavon Thompson

April 23, 2013

2013 Mr. and Miss Cheyney Pageant Participants

2013 Mr. and Miss Cheyney Pageant Participants

Congratulations to the new Miss and Mr. Cheyney University - India Marie Cross and Rashaad Washington. They faced stiff competition on Sunday night at the 2013 Pageant.

Miss Blue and White, Miss Ciera Brown, and Mr. Blue and White, Mr. Tyrik Thorn, were the hosts for the night. They welcomed the excited audience and introduced the panel of judges including Pete Holloway, Jackie Earvings, David Henry, Moya Gearson, and Kia Grace. Cheyney’s Jazz Band played contemporary melodies to compliment the pageant's brief intermissions.
As is the Pageant's tradition, entertainment abounds. This evening did not disappoint, as Christian Beard performed a traditional piano piece and Kara Craig performed “Saving All My Love” by Whitney Houston.
Contestants added to the audience’s enjoyment with a skit from the award-winning movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Singing, dancing, poems, and monologues offered variety in the talent competition. Everyone was captivated by powerful performances by the contestants, making the pageant more intriguing. 
To demonstrate their poise, style and public speaking accomplishments, each contestant modeled lovely evening attire and responded to questions posed by the judges.
At the program’s conclusion, the current Mr. and Miss Cheyney University – Mr. William Walker and Miss Janelle McKelvey - said their final goodbyes as their reign came to an end. As the judges deliberated on their selection of 2013-2014  Mr. and Miss Cheyney University, their royal court, and student activities director Sharon Thorn all shared their final remarks to conclude the evening.
Congratulations and thanks go to Miss McKelvey  and Mr. Walker for their outstanding year as Miss and Mr. Cheyney University and to the new incoming University Royals.