Crayola Reps Offer Career Tips to CU Students

By Nikaya Johnson

October 4, 2012

Three representatives from Crayola Corporation came to Cheyney University on Thursday, September 27, to talk to students about possible career paths within the company. Creative Director, Chuck Highjack, Director of Human Resources, Sales and Marketing Kay Hughston, and Recruiter Mike Barley split up to get their message across to students all over campus.

Highjack told Professor Latreice Branson’s Internet Literacy class that they must be professional at all times whether in the classroom, interviewing for a job or, even, on social media websites. The Crayola representative also stressed that Human Resource workers police the social websites of all potential employees before hiring them. Recruiters, he said, look for knowledgeable people who have researched the corporation and the position they seek.

“Work hard at what you want to do,” Highjack advised. “Do your best to be your best. Hard work pays off.”