Why Did Your Financial Aid Application Get Pulled For Verification?--Everything Students and Parents Need to Know

July 19, 2013

If you were selected for financial aid verification, you are not alone!  About 30% of all FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) filers are selected for the verification process.  At least some students from every university in the U.S. that participates in federal financial aid must go through the process. Right now, more than 700 prospective and current Cheyney University students have been flagged for verification.

What is verification?  That’s when the college financial aid administrator must ask the applicant to supply copies of documentation, such as income tax returns, W-2 statements and 1099 forms, to verify the data that was submitted on the FAFSA form. Most people estimate when filling out FAFSA forms but, once income taxes are filed, experts think it's best to check things out and make sure the information on the FAFSA forms is right.

"This year we are using a service to do the verification for us because we do not have enough staff to adequately assist the number of our students who are red flagged," explained Cheyney University's Director of Financial Aid Michelle Burwell. "We decided to outsource it so students get hands on, one-on-one instruction when they call the support center for help.  They have more people working on verification than we do."

Burwell and her staff held several on-campus FAFSA Workshops this past spring to help students navigate the forms but only 10 CU students showed up for assistance in total.  To help you better understand what to do to navigate the verification process successfully, click here for answers to some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).