First Mr. Cheyney To Be Named at April 22 Miss Cheyney Pageant Competetion

April 20, 2012

In a break with past traditions, Mr. Cheyney University will be selected on Sunday, April 22 along with Miss Cheyney University in the popular Spring pageant. The event in the Marian Anderson Auditorium attracts the interest of students who come to support their friends.  Seven young ladies (names????????????????) and 3 young men (Names????????????) will compete. (do they have to do a talent event, make a speech, etc , ie what is the criteria?)

who are the judges?????Upon selection the winners recieve?? are crowned??? (what happens??) (who presents awards? )  The winners will be coronated in an elaborate ceremony in the Fall and will preside over important University events in the upcoming academic year.

The Pageant is presented by the Office of Student Activities and the Student Government Cooperative Association in the Marian Anderson Music Center at 6:30 Pm. Admission is free.